Singer-songwriter Kina Grannis grows as independent artist

As a college student, USC alumnus and singer-songwriter Kina Grannis  said she used to claim a spot in the stairwells of the New North dorms and Troy East apartments to practice. Now Jimmy Kimmel will be welcoming her to his stage on Jan. 12.

This will not be her first appearance on television screens across the country. When Grannis won the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest in 2008, millions of Super Bowl viewers saw her video for “Message from Your Heart” during a commercial break.

Since then, Grannis has grown in popularity as an independent artist, leaving Interscope Records in her past.

Her latest music video for her song In Your Arms received over 4 million views on YouTube and caught the attention of people like Ellen DeGeneres. It is a very innovative stop-motion video made out of jellybeans – 288,000 jellybeans to be exact.

The production time for the video was predicted to take one month, but ended up lasting almost two years. “In Your Arms” landed the number 20 spot on VH1’s Top 20 Countdown this past Sunday.

Grannis is now preparing to travel to the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and other countries for an international tour throughout February. Catch her on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this Thursday night on ABC.