Energetic tunes to help students bounce back

Back in the day when I was 13 years old and just learning how to use iTunes, I would obsessively burn mix CDs for my friends. Graduation party? Mix CD. Birthday? Mix CD. Sad friend? Mix CD. I was clearly a creative teenager. But honestly, not much has changed, since one of my favorite pastimes […]

Singer-songwriter Kina Grannis grows as independent artist

As a college student, USC alumnus and singer-songwriter Kina Grannis  said she used to claim a spot in the stairwells of the New North dorms and Troy East apartments to practice. Now Jimmy Kimmel will be welcoming her to his stage on Jan. 12. This will not be her first appearance on television screens across […]

Introducing Imaginary Friend

Joining the beloved USC alumna Kina Grannis once again on her upcoming tour is the newly developed musical act Imaginary Friend. Sporting a perfectly shaped beard and slick dressing style, Imaginary Friend has been captivating audiences around the country with his lyrics, soothing voice and a personable attitude. Stumbling into a career of music after winning […]