Doheny starts renovations to elevators in the stacks

USC has begun refurbishing Doheny Memorial Library’s elevators that are used to access the book stacks. This renovation is expected to be completed on June 27.

The elevators are being renovated to improve access to the stacks and to upgrade the overall conditions at Doheny, said Hugh McHarg, executive director of communications and public programming.

“The environment of the library is very important, and we want it to be inviting,” McHarg said. “The elevators are being renovated essentially for routine maintenance but also so there will be better service, and [the elevators] will be faster and more reliable.”

During the process of renovation, the stairs and one elevator will be available for people to access the stacks. The elevator currently being refurbished will be closed until April.

McHarg said the university is also looking into other upgrades for Doheny.

“We are currently looking at what we can do to make changes in regards to the electric [outlets]as well, since the reference room has many people, but not as many [outlets] for them to utilize,” McHarg said.

Nosheen Salehani, a junior majoring in psychology, said the improvements to the elevators will be beneficial.

“It’s beneficial to Doheny because the elevators are old,” Salehani said. “I like the way the library is right now because the whole structure of Doheny looks ancient and makes it different from other libraries.”

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  1. Joe B.
    Joe B. says:

    I’ll kinda miss the old ones. Clanking and rattling, stopping three inches below the floor, never sure if you were going to plunge to your death. Made going to the stacks feel like walking into a horror movie, which is way more exciting than research.

  2. Alumni '10
    Alumni '10 says:

    Forget about renovating Doheny.. Doheny is our classic historic library. USC Libraries and Admin need to put in some money for AT LEAST a new paint job, tile, carpet and chairs in Leavey.

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