USC Pharmacy to launch web-based application

USC Pharmacy is developing a web-based application that will allow patrons to order their prescriptions electronically.

The online application will allow customers to place refill orders and to check the status of their prescription from any computer or smartphone. The application will also alert users when their prescription is ready for pick-up.

Prescription · USC Pharmacy is creating a mobile application that will allow customers to order prescriptions and to check their status online. - Ani Kolangian | Daily Trojan

This shift toward a web-based operating system is an effort to meet the needs of busy USC students and faculty who are perpetually on the go, said University Park Campus Pharmacy Director Kari Trotter.

“Times are changing and we need to keep up with our changing population,” Trotter said. “We are always looking for ways to accommodate our patients and their needs.”

Though the wait time for a prescription to be processed is approximately 30 minutes for medication that is in stock and one day for out-of-stock, a customer will now know exactly when to pick up the pre-ordered prescription.

“We are very excited about this opportunity to service our customers as we realize that most people are looking for easier ways to handle their day-to-day business and not be slowed down,” Trotter said.

The application, which will be completed mid-semester, will be available for free on iPhones and Androids. The application will also allow customers to easily access their prescription records.

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