WonderCon debuts new must-see trailers

Though ComicCon may be better known, WonderCon, which wrapped Sunday in Anaheim, Calif., coaxed film studios into releasing trailers for upcoming films. For sci-fi and fantasy films, 2012 looks better than 2011. Now that we leave January and February behind – the dregs of the film year – we can look to spring and summer to remind us why films get us pumped.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Russian director Timur Bekmambetov proves ridiculously awesome and awesomely ridiculous are one in the same. Though history remembers Honest Abe as a manic depressant president with a knack for speeches and a stylish hat, this film focuses on the part of Lincoln’s life when he slayed the undead and impressed ladies with his antebellum ninjitsu.

The second trailer, just revealed, shows far more action than the shadowy teaser. Judging from the explosions and backflips, Bekmambetov is giving pre-Civil War America his own frenetic twist. No one should expect a glorious tribute to Americana, but if you liked Wanted, check it out June 22.


When you create a disaster like Robin Hood, the best thing to do is shake it off and keep walking like nothing happened. Now that Ridley Scott has released a new trailer for Prometheus, Ridley haters should pipe down for a second. A not-direct prequel to Alien, the film follows a ship of scientists who stumble on something not meant to be stumbled on. Fill in the juicy details, or check out the epic trailer. The ship lands June 8.

The Amazing Spider-Man

Technically, the trailer premiered before WonderCon, but the creative talent had a well-received panel that answered questions on the film. It still seems ridiculously early for a reboot, but this film distances itself from the previous excursions with a more youthful Spidey and more canonical storyline. As long as Peter Parker doesn’t go back into emo frat boy mode, we should be in for a fun summer flick, starting July 3rd.


Sci-fi got smacked around last year with the disappointing In Time. Looper, thank goodness, received oodles of praise when its noirish trailer premiered at WonderCon. Sadly, it won’t be officially out for a few more weeks and YouTube quickly swipes any leaked versions. The concept, however, is worth the interest alone.

In a nearish future, time travel is possible but illegal. The mob’s favorite way to get rid of someone is to send them back in time, into the arms of an assassin. When an assassin working for a future mob realizes he’s one of the targets, he springs into action. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis play the same character in this jaunt through time. Remember this one for September 2012.

Snow White and the Huntsman

Haters will hate, but banishing Kristen Stewart to the realm of sparkly vampires seems a tad unfair. This upcoming Snow White flick, also starring Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth, puts Snow White in a suite of armor and makes her fight to keep her heart inside her body. Ogres, crow monsters and beautiful white stags also make an appearance in the newest trailer. Theron in particular looks gorgeous and sinister as the Evil Queen. The film appears to make true on its promise of an epic take on Snow White. We’ll find out June 1st.