DJ Wolfgang Gartner to headline at Springfest

Program Board confirmed that electronic artist Wolfgang Gartner will headline Springfest, a daylong music festival for USC students, faculty and staff, on Saturday in McCarthy Quad. Thirteen other acts will also perform, including Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and Anberlin.

Alyssa Siegel, director of Program Board’s concert committee, said this is the first time USC has had an electronic act at Springfest. Wolfgang Gartner’s first full-length album, Weekend in America, was released in September and includes vocals from, Jim Jones and Eve.

“I’m just really excited to see the reaction to the headliner and how the whole day will go,” Siegel said.

Though Wolfgang Gartner was confirmed two months ago, Siegel said the contract was not finalized until Monday.

Siegel said the committee sought to create a lineup that appealed to all students, whether they listen to rock, hip hop or dance.

“My biggest thing is we wanted to find three major acts that would cover the genres popular for college kids,” Siegel said. “I wanted to hit every genre, so everyone on campus would like something.”

Two student bands, Alphabet and Felix Nobody, will also perform at the festival. Both acts won the Battle of the Bands earlier this semester.

Springfest, which begins at noon, will feature student activities, such as DJ instruction, vinyl painting, a photo booth and art pillars.

“This year, we really wanted people to go to the festival and spend the whole day there,” Siegel said. “We really tried to think of what was going to be there to keep people there all day.”

Funding for Springfest, a free event for USC students, comes from the student-programming fee, sponsorships and a reallocation of student government funds.

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  1. USC Alum '10
    USC Alum '10 says:

    I’m sorry, but who the hell is this? I’m no electronic music fan, but I know my fair share of popular electronic artists and I’ve never heard of this guy. What a waste of school money.

    And all this lineup appeals to are culturally uneducated freshman who listen to nothing but KROQ and Skrillex. Also, Anberlin? I’m sorry, is this 2004?

    The Program Board has put on concerts with outdated and irrelevant “artists” for years. It’s about time they put their heads together and start picking artists that weren’t big 10 years ago.

    • Benjamin
      Benjamin says:

      Negative Nancy,

      Be slow to judge and quick to listen. Wolfgang Gartner, previously known as Joey Youngman, has been producing house music for more than a decade. He was well known in the Deep and Chicago House scene a while ago, and his transition into Electro House is what made him famous. In fact, he is totally awesome. You should check out his work! And if you don’t like him, well heck, that’s what is so awesome about human beings. We are all unique!

      Much love! Keep your heart and ears open.

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