Tyagi, Lachman look forward to free time

More than one year after being elected to Undergraduate Student Government, USG President Monish Tyagi and USG Vice President Logan Lachman have developed the rapport of a married couple.

“If you are spending this much time with someone, you either need to like them or you are going to kill them,” Lachman said. “We’ve gotten to the married couple point where we finish each other’s sentences, which happens to be very convenient for us.”

During their one-year term, Tyagi and Lachman have spent countless hours meeting with administrators, coordinating projects and overseeing the student government and Program Board.

“I may or may not have slept [in the office] a couple of times,” Tyagi said.

Tuesday marks the last day for Tyagi and Lachman’s tenure, the achievements of which have included creating the sustainability mug and extending the hours of Seeds in the Ronald Tutor Campus Center.

Tyagi and Lachman, however, said many of their achievements have been less material. Tyagi said his administration has focused on fulfilling a campaign promise to build a stronger connection among USG, students and administrators. As the university makes changes in the coming years, Tyagi said he believes this relationship will enhance USG’s voice in future decisions.

“If everyone is on the same page, then I think student government will play a very important role in making sure that, as the university changes, things that students need or are concerned about are addressed,” Tyagi said.

Tyagi said he also believes more students are aware of USG and its impact than when his term began last spring.

“When we went through the elections for this year, at the debate, we saw a huge turnout,” Tyagi said. “And I think that has a lot to do with the fact that students were a lot more aware of USG and student government.”

The new administration, headed by Director of University Affairs Mikey Geragos and Residential Senator Vinnie Prasad, will be sworn in Tuesday night at a USG Senate meeting as president and vice president, respectively.

Lachman said the advice she would pass along to Geragos and Prasad is to fully immerse themselves in their positions.

“Have fun with it and take advantage of everything that you are doing [and] work hard throughout the whole year,” said Lachman. “It’s our last week and we are still in here, doing as much as we can.”

Tyagi, a senior majoring in cinema and television production, and Lachman, a junior majoring in communication, said that their USG positions have taught them a lot about leadership and interacting with people.

“I would say this is the best class you could take on leadership, ever,” Tyagi said.

Tyagi likened working as USG president to running a business.

“You have a $1.8-million budget,” he said. “You have to allocate it into different resources. You have to make sure people are doing their jobs and things are moving on time. I really enjoyed that whole process.”

Lachman said her USG work has influenced her decision to pursue leadership positions in the future.

“It has made me recognize that I do like being in a leadership position and I hope to continue some sort of leadership position, in another organization, or when I graduate,” Lachman said.

Tyagi and Lachman are unsure of what they will do with their free time after their tenures end Tuesday.

“I’m still president of Pi Phi so that will keep me somewhat busy, I guess,” Lachman said.

Tyagi said he looks forward to wearing casual clothes to school.

“I’m looking forward to a full week where I can come to school every day and not have to wear a suit one time,” Tyagi said.

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  1. USC Trojan
    USC Trojan says:

    I hope the student body is happy that it’s paid those two $10k and $8k respectively to get to the married couple point because that’s the only thing they’ve been doing. “Their achievments have been less material”? Yea, their achievements are pretty much fictional.

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