Ming Qu, 23, remembered for his friendship, dedication to family

Ming Qu, a graduate student studying electrical engineering known for his deep love of family, died April 11 in a shooting west of campus. He was 23.

He received his undergraduate degree in Beijing but was originally from the Jilin province of China.

Honor · Ming Qu, 23, studied in Beijing before attending USC for graduate school. - Ani Kolangian | Daily Trojan

Biao Yang, also a graduate student studying electrical engineering, spoke at a memorial service for Qu and Ying Wu, Qu’s close friend who was also killed in the assault, on Wednesday at the Shrine Auditorium.

“We went to class together, we ate together and we hung out. [Qu] hoped he was just like any one of us who got a chance to learn,” Yang said.

Yang, who called Qu his best friend and dear brother, said he had known Qu for six years, and it was Qu who encouraged him to attend USC as a graduate student. Over the years, Yang said that his friendship with Qu never changed.

Yang remembered meeting Qu on the first day of their freshman year in college and teaching him to play sports.

“[He was] not really good at those sports, but it does not matter at all. What matters is that we were together,” Yang said. “But now it will never be like that again.”

The families of both victims arrived in Los Angeles on Saturday and attended the memorial service Wednesday.

Yang said Qu was very close to his parents and chose to live humbly in order to save them money.

“[Qu] once told me that [his] parents were the most important people in [his] heart. [He] chatted with his mother every two days,” Yang said at the memorial. “I could feel [his] deep love for [his] parents.”

Qu and Wu were shot and killed outside Wu’s residence while sitting inside Qu’s car. No arrests have been made. The university and the City of Los Angeles are offering a $200,000 reward for information leading to and arrest and conviction in the case.

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  1. Freddie Nerk
    Freddie Nerk says:

    This is not surprising. This area is just full of black gangs and the LAPD just don’t want to do anything about it. They should bring in the Army and go house to house and clean out the area of the trash.

  2. TrojanAlum
    TrojanAlum says:

    It’s sickening that some thug idiot could do this to these two ambitious loving kids. So full of energy and passion for family and the love of learning. Definitely were on the path do being proud Trojan graduates and to do something great with their lives. I hope the LAPD finds the thug and the justice system takes care of him with the maximum punishment. The thug is less than human IMO. Should not be on the streets and should not be interacting with the rest of society. Scum.

  3. King Frat IV
    King Frat IV says:

    It’s almost like LAPD should get their fat asses off the row and out of chipotle and do, I don’t know, police work.

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