The following incidents were reported in the USC Department of Public Safety crime/incident summary on Monday, May 21. 

Crimes against a person

At 9:38 p.m., a student reported that a suspect pushed her off her skateboard as she rode past him and a second suspect near Adams and Figueroa. He attempted to grab hold of her as she lay on the ground. The student then punched the suspect in the groin and fled on foot. The suspects did not pursue her. The student did not report the incident at the time it occurred, so DPS officers were unable to conduct a search for the suspects.

At 9:13 p.M., a non-USC male reported that someone has been tampering with his mail at the University Gatway Apartments and he believes his roommate, a student, is responsible.

At 9:14 a.M., a staff member reported that a student was verbally abusive and disrespectful toward him at the Keith Administration Building.

Crimes against property

At 6:15 p.m., DPS officers on routine patrol observed a locked bicycle in the bed of a truck at Del Taco that was empty a short time earlier when it was spotted in an alley on 28th Street and detained the driver for investigation.  The suspect claimed he found the bike, but it was registered to a student. When the officers contacted her she said no one had permission to remove it.  The student did not desire criminal prosecution of the matter, so the suspect was released and the bike was impounded at the DPS office for her to claim it.

At 12:01 p.m., a suspect smashed the front passenger side window to gain entry and removed a book bag from a car parked at Soto Street and Valley Boulevard.

at 11:20 a.m., a staff member who works inside the Ronald Tutor Campus Center deli reported that he observed a suspect place an order of food in a bag she was carrying and exit the store without paying for it. The staff member also said there have been multiple incidents involving the same suspect during the past several weeks. DPS officers conducted a search, but were unable to locate the suspect.


Miscellaneous incidents

At 2:30 p.M., DPS officers responded to a report of a male screaming inside an apartment at Shrine Place. The officers contacted a student in the apartment and he told them he had been arguing with his ex-girlfriend on the phone.  The student did not require any assistance and the officers cleared the scene.

At 1:51 p.m., DPS officers responded to a staff member who sustained a cut to her forehead when she tripped and fell while walking near the Bovard Administration building. An LAFD RA unit was responded.  The RA Unit treated the staff member and she was released to the officers. They transported her to SHC for additional medical treatment.

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  1. Jack
    Jack says:

    “At 9:14 a.M., a staff member reported that a student was verbally abusive and disrespectful toward him at the Keith Administration Building.”

    Grow some balls bro. “Oh my god, he was MEAN to me, officers please catch him!” is a pretty pathetic way to live.

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