USC drops one spot in 2013 college ranking

USC dropped one spot to No. 24 on U.S. News and World Report National University Rankings on Tuesday night.

The publication, which ranks colleges each year on 16 criteria such as fall acceptance rate and graduation rate, released its 2013 rankings at 9 p.m. PDT.

USC tied with UCLA — which was previously ranked No. 25 — and the University of Virginia for the No. 24 spot.

Harvard University and Princeton University tied for the top spot, with Yale University coming in third. West-coast schools Stanford University and California came in at No. 6 and 21, respectively.

All the colleges in the National Universities category on the site offer a variety of undergraduate majors, master’s and Ph.D. programs and place an emphasis on faculty research.

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  1. Josephine
    Josephine says:

    USC cannot advance in the ratings until it starts requiring subject matter SAT tests for admission. These tests measure sustained study and in-depth knowledge of a particular subject. These tests also provide a meaningful comparison of a student to the top 1or 2 percent of other college applicants for the relevant period. By requiring these tests, USC could weed out those applicants who are bright but did not fully apply themselves in high school and now are coming to USC mostly to party.

  2. Bob
    Bob says:

    With all this money we are giving to USC, shouldn’t we be rating higher than VIRGINA and UCLA?

    A bit disappointing to all the faithful who give so much on the promise that the money will be well used.

    I wonder what the higher rated colleges have that we do not; I wonder if the Administration knows?

    • Jon
      Jon says:

      What those other universities have is a much higher endowment per student. $3 billion is not enough for a university with 30,000+ students and aspirations of being unquestionably elite.

      So much has been given; so much more is still needed.

  3. joan
    joan says:

    I suppose it is time for the Nikias haters to come out of the woodwork.

    I do not agree with everything he is doing: online education at USC seems to be an excuse for raising lots of money, putting so much emphasis on athletic fundraising seems out of proportion when there is such an obvious lack of facilities for the student population vs. the 700 or so NCAA athletes, but he is not doing a terrible job.

    Steven Sample, he is not, unfortunately.

  4. Cale
    Cale says:

    We are going in the wrong direction here Mr. President.

    I agree, you seem to be making a great effort at promoting the university. Maybe it is time to work on improving the College instead of just advertising it.

  5. Andrew
    Andrew says:

    Great job Max!

    Maybe you can put some of your hubris aside and concentrate on substance over style. Stop selling everything that is not nailed down, even selling the name of the College, (after 130 years of tradition) to Dornsife did not help, and concentrate on ethos and values and downsizing classes instead of increasing them.

    I’ve never seen anyone more concerned with getting his picture in the paper. All this self-promotion, in your face, go USC is not the way. Slow down, you cannot “Sprint Through a Marathon”. You are making mistakes in the culture you are creating. Everyone is watching, not everyone is cheering.

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