Maxi dresses are perfect comfort solution for students

It’s difficult to find an outfit that is comfortable for the sweltering heat outside and the freezing air-conditioning inside. Although it seems like there’s no way you can win, you can use this problem as an opportunity to explore a long maxi dress. This dress allows for ventilation to combat the scorching weather and coverage to feel cozy when enduring the air-conditioning.

There are two current trends to keep in mind when choosing the latest maxi dress.

The first option is the the tight black maxi dress. When this style of dress is accessorized with gold jewelry and a classic black and gold Marc Jacobs bag, an elegant yet comfortable look is achieved. This standard style of maxi dress is easy to find in most stores, but ASOS is a great place to start.

An alternative to the body-hugging style, which isn’t everyone’s scene, can be found in the flowing maxi dress which is cut high in the front and low in the back. This is a great choice for hot days because it enables an extra amount of ventilation. This style comes in a variety of fabrics and the store LF is a perfect place to find them.

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