Dining hall policy elicits criticism

After a large decrease in dining hall supplies because of theft, USC Hospitality is working to address students who take utensils, serving dishes and food from the dining halls.

Earlier this month, USC Hospitality posted signs informing students that they could face $100 fines for taking serving supplies or food from the residential dining halls, with the exception of fruit or ice cream. Though students have been reported this year, as of now, none have received a monetary punishment, according to Director of USC Hospitality Kris Klinger.

Though the policy has been in place for several years, the decision to reiterate it comes on the heels of a sharp decrease in serving supplies, according to Klinger.

“We ordered enough to get through the entire day,” Klinger said. “Right now we can’t get through an entire meal service.”

Many students said they understand the concerns about removing serving supplies, but believe that they should be able to take food with them.

“I don’t mind not taking silverware and obviously that costs them money to replace,” said Gilles De Prevoisin, a freshman majoring in chemistry. “But the food is going to be there regardless.”

Klinger said, however, that the concern is largely because of students who take large amounts of food from the dining halls.

“Some students are bringing their backpacks in and have been caught putting loaves of bread and half-gallons of soymilk in their backpacks under the assumption that it is a grocery store as well,” Klinger said. “So those are the kind of concerns that caused us to have to post the fines to remind everybody that that is not OK.”

Many students said because their meal plans allow for unlimited swipes, students should be able to take food out of the hall. Several students said their class schedule does not allow them to sit down for a meal in the dining hall, causing them to take food to go.

“I think they should let us take sandwiches,” said Giovana Rodrigues, a freshman majoring in business. “In between classes, I don’t have a lot of time so I have to wait until 3:30 [p.m.] without eating.”

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