All the single ladies (and men), put your hands up

Every Valentine’s Day, there are millions of couples who choose to share their love. Chocolates, gifts, movies, dinner — the world is their oyster.

For one day, it is OK to be so romantic that your mouth hurts. For one day, no one can give you ire for holding hands or making kissy faces toward your significant other.

But what about the rest of the world? Just as there are millions of couples showcasing their love to the world, there are millions of singles who realize that Feb. 14 is just another day on the calendar.

The movies always show the same thing: A depressed woman staring at Titanic playing on the screen, comfort food and perhaps a bottle of wine lying next to her. Then there’s the hackneyed image of the boy who has his heart broken and goes on his quest to prove his love.

But this is not reality. Though there are some who wish to finally have a beau before next Valentine’s Day, there are also those, who frankly, don’t give a damn. Sure, Valentine’s Day is a day to spend with your lover, but your lover could be anyone. One could be celebrating the day with a friend, with a parent or with oneself. It’s important to realize that love has no boundaries, and everyone can have a little fun on Valentine’s Day.

So do you find yourself single but wanting to have fun on V-Day? Are you sick of sitting at home wishing upon a star for that significant other to walk in? Suit up,  friends, and check out this compilation of the best things to do tonight.

1. Take advantage of those sales. Plenty of places have “packages” for couples on this holiday. Grab a buddy and hit up The Grove for a dinner-and-a-movie combo. Then, play a game in which you guess how long the couples around you have been together and how soon they will break up. The price of the package will probably fit right in your budget and you get a fun date night where nothing is expected — and you don’t even have to look attractive. If you’re not in a sensitive place, then go see a terrible rom-com and make fun of all the ridiculousness of the plot.

2. Head out for a night on the town. Whether you go to the Row, The 901 Bar & Grill or a bar downtown, such as Library Bar, hit up Los Angeles for a night of debauchery. Nothing is better than having a good time with a group of friends, but try spicing it up a little. Wear a ridiculous outfit or give yourself a hilarious new identity. You can even make a game out of it: Compete with your friends on the grounds of who can talk to the most strangers. The first one to break character buys a round of drinks.

3. Keep it low-key. Host a bad movie night at your place. On the list should be classics such as The Room, The Prince & Me, From Justin to Kelly, The Lizzie McGuire Movie and every Mary-Kate and Ashley movie in existence. By making fun of everyone who had any part in these films, you will automatically feel better about yourself. This is the only kind of bullying that’s OK.

4. Do something that you’ve never done before. Have you always wanted to hike to the Hollywood sign? Perhaps you’ve never been to the Santa Monica Pier. Tonight is your chance to expand your horizons a bit and explore Los Angeles. Treat Valentine’s Day as a day of renewal, as a day of turning the focus to yourself and doing what you want to do.

5. Bonfire. This might be a bit extreme, but burning everything that reminds you of an ex or unrequited crush can be quite cathartic. It might just be what you need this Valentine’s Day.

Whatever you choose to do, just remember that though love itself is great, Valentine’s Day is severely overrated. It’s just one day and it’ll eventually pass. Every now and then, we’re all entitled to be a bit selfish, so use Feb. 14 as a day to celebrate being yourself — it’s the most important relationship you have.

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