Viterbi No. 10 in country

The Viterbi School of Engineering was named a top-10 graduate engineering school by a 2014 U.S. News and World Report preview released Thursday, March 7.

The preview, which reviewed 199 schools granting doctoral degrees, listed the top 10 schools in alphabetical order. USC shares the top-10 honor with several other California schools, including rivals UC Berkeley, Stanford and the California Institute of Technology.

In the 2013 U.S. News and World Report graduate school rankings, Viterbi was ranked 12 among 198 schools surveyed. Schools are ranked based on a number of factors including student selectivity, level of research and peer and recruiter evaluations.

Viterbi representatives declined to comment until Tuesday, when the full rankings are officially released.

Jay Singh, a junior majoring in biomedical engineering, said that the rankings didn’t change his perception of the school, which has been prestigious for some time.

“Viterbi was highly ranked even before this release,” Singh said. “It’s always been a phenomenal school, and it will continue to be.”

Wang said he was proud of the high ranking of his school.

“I thought it was exciting that a school I’m attending has moved into such a prestigious position,” said Eric Wang, a freshman majoring in computer science.

Chen said he is considering applying to Viterbi’s progressive degree program, which allows undergraduate students to earn both a bachelor and a master’s degree in five years.

“I think Viterbi’s graduate program is stronger than its undergraduate, which is also great,” Jacky Chen said. “Viterbi’s ranking was definitely a factor in my decision to apply for this program.”

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  1. mike
    mike says:

    the main reason the MBA program dropped is probably because they had a BAD year for employment. about one fourth of the class did NOT get a job 3 months after graduation. the main reason for that was because they were hiring new staff and so who help students get jobs. students were sort of left on their own for a little while.

    • Alum05
      Alum05 says:

      Yup, the business school rankings are an issue, the MBA especially. This is where, unfortunately, USC has to be evaluated on a school by school basis. It’s frustrating given that Leventhal is very highly ranked.

    • cynic_from_Marhsall
      cynic_from_Marhsall says:

      I heard that b-school rankings are “self reported.” There isn’t a real, objective way to evaluate them, and hence I take them with a grain of salt…Oh, how ’bout this? Let’s see how successful b-school grads are after they graduate, with perhaps a study 5 years down the road. Let’s see how wealthy they become with all the tools they acquired in these “schools of capitalism.”

  2. jerry
    jerry says:

    The title of this article is not completely accurate. Based on the US News preview, USC Viterbi is top 10, not necessarily number 10. We will find out when the rankings are actually released. USC might be #10. Or higher!?!

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