Springing into ‘SC: Journey On


Alex Arevalo could have decided to pull the brakes. He could have decided his absence during the fall was the end. 

“The benefit of being a fall admit is that everyone is new and anyone can meet anyone,” said Arevalo. “Spring admits have to find a way to meet people because the time for meeting everyone has passed.”

As a spring admit Alex Arevalo was concerned about finding his niche in USC's social scene, but he made himself a way by getting involved. — Courtesy of Alex Arevalo

As a spring admit Alex Arevalo was concerned about finding his niche in USC’s social scene, but he made himself a way by getting involved. — Courtesy of Alex Arevalo

Arevalo, a freshman majoring in business administration, arrived at USC in January feeling the disadvantages of spring admission; besides class availability, spring admits like him needed to make the social transition.

Instead of sulking, Arevalo decided to participate in rush week. Over the course of mixers and meetings, Arevalo found his brothers — people who he felt ready to share his college experience with.

As he enthusiastically notes, the decision to pledge a fraternity arose from a desire “to integrate into the phenomenal social network that USC has to offer.”

“But it wasn’t just for the social scene. I have developed some of my closest friendships with guys in my fraternity,” said Arevalo.

Apart from the abundance of philanthropic and social events Phi Psi brothers attend, Arevalo admits to the other perks of Greek life.

“My fraternity has been a guiding example for me in the classroom. A lot of the guys were in the same situation I am today so they really are helpful with tips and ideas on how to manage your schedule and workload,” he comments. “They are also really supportive of checking over essays, homework, and studying as groups.”

But Arevalo is more than just a charming smile and an excellent spokesman for the Greek community. He’s a testament to how any situation can be turned around with the right attitude.

Instead of spending the fall semester disappointed that he would miss out on the hurrah of campus life, Arevalo decided to get behind the wheel of his car and challenge himself to a road trip from Los Angeles to Chicago.

But his pit stops weren’t just any dingy gas stations serving questionable hot dogs and expired candy. He saw everything from the Grand Canyon to the Colorado National Park along his route.

“I was trying to expand my tangible experiences because that’s where true knowledge is learned,” he said.

Arevalo’s road trip is certainly over. But his journey isn’t done just yet. No matter the stop signs, speed bumps and frustrating roundabouts, this Trojan’s positivity is paving a new path for spring admits to get adjusted.

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  1. Concerned Female...
    Concerned Female... says:

    Hmm… if this is an article about Alex being a greek god, why is there no tribute to his abs? It’s basically a slap in the face to the hard work he puts in everyday :/

  2. George O.
    George O. says:

    Yeah, being Alex’s roommate it was clear that he was having a tough time transitioning every time he brought a girl back to his dorm.

  3. Sam Mattews
    Sam Mattews says:

    I have seen this fellow in the greek community, besides being the biggest pot head/drinker, hes a good guy.

    • Dick
      Dick says:

      Sam, I am deeply disappointed to hear what you think about Mr. Arevalo. From my experience Alex is one of the most level-headed, kind, and outgoing individuals I have ever met. Perhaps you should base your future judgments on a little more than just “see[ing] this fellow in the greek community.”

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