Podcast: USC vs WSU

Sports editor Will Laws and Lifestyle editor Euno Lee voice their opinions on the Trojans’ football game against the Cougars last weekend. They discuss the team’s performance, game’s atmosphere, fan reactions, as well as their expectations toward the next game and beyond. The Trojans play against the Boston College Eagles this Saturday at the Coliseum.


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  1. Dr. Neal Marcot
    Dr. Neal Marcot says:

    Thanks for the podcast; as a Trojan fan who has followed the team for 60 years, I was shocked by the atrocious play calling Sat night. If you don’t have balance in your offense it makes it very difficult to win. Balance means a verticle passing game; I am not necessarily talking about 40 yd bombs; I about fell out of my seat when on 3 and 15 andfrom midfield Kiffin tried a basic handoff up the middle for virtually no gain. What in God’s name have the Trojans been doing since the debacle against Georgia Tech? I have seen better play calling at my local pop warner league. Ok, Kessler is the starter; give him a fair chance to run the complete offense. If he isn’t performing after a reasonable try, then switch to Wittek or Browne. Lane’s its now or never against a very soft schedule.

    FIGHT ON MEN OF TROY!!!!! FIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!

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