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  1. David Donovan
    David Donovan says:

    As a long-time supporter of the Good Neighbors Campaign, I was happy to read the cover page article on October 11 by Deena Khattab. However, I noticed that the article included a significant omission. In her article, Deena mentions that “faculty can make payroll contributions” to GNC, that it’s “easy and convenient for faculty to give back,” etc.

    While the contributions of the faculty to GNC are well-documented and not to be underestimated, nowhere in her article does Deena give any mention or credit to the hardworking and generous staff at USC. From its outset, the Good Neighbors Campaign has welcomed employee gifts from ALL areas of the university, from all the academic units to admissions, auxiliary services, research institutes, public safety, etc. Giving back to our community is a University-wide effort, and the significant contributions of the staff should also be heralded and recognized.

    David Donovan
    Vice President, USC Staff Assembly

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