Letter to the editor

It’s clear from the talk around campus that many students are anticipating the replacement of Carl’s Jr. with The Habit next semester. To promote this exciting change, The Habit’s food truck visited campus on Dec. 2 to give out free burgers and fries. Though this event was an overwhelming success, there are things that can still be changed about the food options at USC.

But what many students may not know is that they have a direct impact on their on-campus dining choices, especially through USG committees such as University Affairs, which works directly with USC Hospitality to improve the undergraduate experience.

We currently have an online survey circulating in the hopes of achieving this goal of bettering our food options. Earlier this year, Wahoo’s Fish Tacos, which was located in the Ronald Tutor Campus Center, was replaced with Verde, a Chipotle-style burrito bar. This addition has received many positive reviews. Furthermore, at the beginning of this year, Traditions — more commonly known as Traddies — changed their menu to include fun country style food options. Though dining halls might seem discouraging with their repetitive menus, options such as Traddies offer a fun alternative.

If you’re still not satisfied, it’s important to note that change is possible. In our survey, we specifically have a section for students to add any feedback.

In the past, we have heard from students that providing an eating area with tables and chairs at the Farmers’ Market would be nice so that students have a place where they can eat their food in the quad. We have heard from multiple students that the addition of music would help create a more fun atmosphere, but unfortunately we have tried and the university does not allow music in the quad given its close proximity to libraries, classrooms and residential halls.

But we’re not going to stop at surveys. We want you to get involved directly in a USG committee such as University Affairs because we are constantly looking to the students and want to remain as transparent and open as possible. This way, University Affairs can continue to work with USC Hospitality in making sure every student at USC is having the best dining experience possible.

We want students to be able to voice their opinions, so please take a moment if you haven’t already to fill out the survey, and do not hesitate to reach out and email me or my assistant director Jennifer Glaeser (amenard@usc.edu, Glaeserj@usc.edu) for any improvements or suggestions you may have.

Andrew Menard

Junior, business administration

USG Director of University Affairs

Editor’s note: The letter originally incorrectly stated that The Habit will open next fall. The post has been edited to reflect this inaccuracy.