Police chase ensues on campus

A Los Angeles Police Department vehicle pursuit occurred along campus Thursday night, resulting in the arrest of the assailant at University Gate 3 on Figueroa Street. and 34th Street.

The pursuit originated on Figueroa Street after LAPD attempted to stop a stolen car, according to Department of Public Safety  Deputy Chief David Carlisle. The driver then entered campus through Gate 5 on Jefferson Boulevard and McClintock Avenue where the chase continued.

The pursuit ended after the driver was not able to make a turn at the gate on Figueroa Street and 34th Street.

“The suspect entered campus at gate 5 and drove east on 34th Street,” Carlisle said. “The suspect was captured when he was forced to stop at the tram gate at 34th Street and Figueroa.”

The driver is now in police custody.

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  1. dan
    dan says:

    Holly cow,

    Can we not get a hold of this problem? USC is the wild west–guns blazing. Bad bad bad neighborhood, bad neighborhood.

    • Swann
      Swann says:

      Really? A stolen car (that happens literally anywhere — people steal cars in Podunk Alabama just as much as they steal them in downtown Santa Monica) gets onto campus and your response is “bad bad bad neighborhood”? If anything, I commend LAPD and DPS for their efforts in nabbing the guy. I was on campus at the time, walking down 34th street — this car sped past and there were students all around. Thankfully, nobody was hurt, and DPS worked with LAPD to secure the campus perimeter amazingly fast.

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