Daily Trojan Double Take: Black History Month

Host Jordyn Holman speaks with civil rights activist Joan Mulholland and Center for Black Cultural and Student Affairs director Corliss Bennett-McBride about their experience with Black History Month, student activism and sorority life.

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  1. Andy Su
    Andy Su says:

    Wow! This show is so great! I felt like I was able to sit in on an amazing conversation with two changemakers. This episode was an important reminder of how students of color aren’t taught their history and need to make the time to talk to elders and learn the historical context of our communities. Thanks so much to Joan Mulholland and Corliss Bennett-McBride for taking the time to share the important stories of the struggle.

    And big thanks to Jordyn for making this show! I have class during the show, but I’m so grateful for this accessible podcast. Also great choices on songs! Looking forward to the rest of this series!

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