Special Issue: USG Election 2015

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USC’s Undergraduate Student Government politics can sometimes feel removed from the everyday lives of students. USG might send out the occasional survey or host a forum on a timely campus issue, but when it comes to the day-to-day, much of the work they do isn’t highly visible.

We, as the source of campus news, are perhaps particularly aware of USG’s impact on this university. Each week at Senate meetings, elected student officials fight for initiatives to improve students’ lives and to promote USC’s continuous evolution. What they fight for, however, is up to you, the student voter.

Election season serves as an important reminder that USG is more than just a campus organization. They are our representatives, and they are ours for the choosing.

Instead of endorsing a candidate for USG president, the Daily Trojan would like to encourage students to thoroughly examine each candidate’s platform, experience and values in order to make their own informed decision when it comes to voting. USG elections have a history of low voter turnout — though last year’s election saw a record amount of voters — and we hope that this special issue will help to promote more student involvement in university affairs.

The Daily Trojan Editorial Board



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