Top 10 reasons why you should come to USC

With May 1 fast approaching, you might be struggling to decide which college to commit to. Or maybe you were just perusing through The Daily Trojan website and want to reaffirm your decision. Besides the obvious academic prestige, here are 10 reasons why you should come to USC (or 10 reasons why you made the best decision of your life).

  1. Perfect weather

With daily temperatures in the 70’s and minimal rain, Southern California definitely has what I consider to be “perfect weather.” A bad day would constitute having to wear a jacket to class.

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  1. Not too small, not too big

Campus is the perfect size. With walking as your mode of transportation, you can easily make it across campus in only 15 minutes, though biking or boarding cuts that time significantly.

  1. School spirit

If you’re looking for a big football school, USC is the place to go. Nowhere is this more evident than in the fact that tailgating sometimes begins as early as 6 a.m.

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  1. The Trojan family is REAL.

Alumni care so much about the school and do everything they can to give back. For example, they help out students with internships, jobs and scholarships all the time. Do not pass up an opportunity to make the best connections of your life!

  1. You’ll probably end up as an extra in a TV show or movie.

Film crews are always on campus. You’ll definitely meet at least one celebrity during your time at USC or you’ll be in the background of a show or movie.

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  1. Best marching band in existence

Did your marching band’s drumline make a special appearance at Coachella with Odesza?

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  1. EVKitty

No matter what, you’ll always have at least one friend at USC: EVKitty. Known to everyone on campus, EVKitty has survived Yik Yak death rumors and continues to live it up in the courtyard of EVK.

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  1. Cool events all the time.

There are super cool speakers and performances on campus every week! Actually maybe even daily. Just to name a few…we have had Jessica Alba, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Ian Somerhalder and 2 Chainz.


  1. Social life

You’ll find your niche. Guaranteed. Whether it’s in the Greek community, a sports team, academic club or service group, you’ll fit in somewhere and develop lifelong friendships.

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  1. Beautiful campus

Last but not least, you cannot bike through campus without feeling like you belong on a brochure. USC’s campus is that beautiful.

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  1. b juardo
    b juardo says:

    11. Good looking students.
    12. The rivalry with UCLA is larger than life.
    13. You’re in the second biggest city in the country.
    14. Diverse wrt ethnicities.
    15. World class university.
    16. Lots of SC alumni make waves.
    17. Perennial powerhouse football team….OK, not always ;(

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