Letter to the Editor

On Sept. 16, the faculty senate will convene to consider a proposal to add a fall break to our university’s academic calendar.

Members of our university administration have expressed their concern regarding the impact of a fall break on our university’s academic integrity and standing. However, it is imperative our university administration and the faculty senate consider the well-being of students in USC’s mission to excel academically.

Our proposed fall break would preferably be placed on a Monday and Tuesday to maximize the impact on students. The addition of this proposed break would not reduce the 71 instructional days of the fall semester as the days would be added elsewhere to our academic calendar. Its purpose is to provide students a much needed break from the stressors of collegiate life.

The addition of a fall break is a mental health issue on our campus. Ninety-six percent of our students who responded to our survey believe a fall break would promote mental health by allowing students to rest, catch up on assignments, conduct job interviews and explore the greater community. With 24 out of the top 30 universities in the U.S. News and World Report having at least one day off in the 11-week period between Labor Day and Thanksgiving, we are lagging behind without a fall break.

Undergraduate Student Government’s advocacy efforts for a fall break started years ago. The vision to improve the well-being of our students through the addition of a fall break may become a reality this year. As students, we have done our part. It is time for USC to step up and care for our students’ health and wellness. This institution exists to serve its students and continues to do so from every student’s dime. We ask the members of the faculty senate, Provost Michael Quick, Vice Provost Dr. Ainsley Carry and President C. L. Max Nikias, who are now faced with the decision to grant this request, to listen to the voice of the student body.

Rini Sampath

Student Body President

Jordan Fowler

Student Body Vice President

Eric Miller

USG Director of Academic Affairs

Christine Hasrouni

USG Director of Wellness Affairs