Bruin’s bet backfires

Former UCLA student body president Dean Florez poses on top of the Traveler statue after losing a bet against Martha Escutia, vice president of USC government relations, based on Saturday’s rivalry football game.

USC Swipe Out Hunger begins annual drive

The USC chapter of Swipe Out Hunger, a student organization that collects unused dining dollars to donate to charity, is hosting its Fall 2015 “Swipes Week” from Monday through Friday. Swipes Week occurs during the last week of classes each semester to encourage students to contribute their leftover dining dollars to Swipe Out Hunger, which […]

Helton is ultimately the right hire

When I woke up this morning to the news that head coach Clay Helton is here to stay, I was ecstatic. As the day went on though, I began to read more criticism of the Helton hire and grow wary of Haden’s decision. Why not just wait until the end of the season and conduct […]

Jessica Jones tells complicated story of female superhero

This past week, Netflix released Marvel’s Jessica Jones as the latest in its slew of original series that’s put the streaming service on the map in terms of quality programming. Starring Krysten Ritter as the title character, the show follows private detective Jones as she attempts to track down and destroy a mind-controlling man named […]