Whole foods comes to L.A.

Whole Foods Market officially opened their new location, at the corner of Grand Avenue and 8th Street in downtown Los Angeles, Wednesday. Though the commute will be a little farther, Whole Foods might be a good option for USC students who are disappointed about the upcoming closing of Fresh & Easy on Figueroa Street.

Whole Foods is like a sustainable, hip version of Costco, with just as much variety but more organic options. The walls are covered with quotes in cute typography. During the opening booths were set up for samples ranging from cold pressed juices to chips and guacamole. Live music set the atmosphere for customers as well.

The organic food paradise featured music from local band Puddles Pity Party, with Puddles, the lead singer, dressed as a large clown. Standing seven feet tall and singing cabaret, Puddles is impossible to miss and added a unique style to the Whole Foods grand opening. After his set, he walked around the marketplace greeting customers.

In addition to its wide array of vegetables, the newly opened store also features a juice bar with many types of cold pressed juices, including the popular “green juices,” usually made with apple and kale.

“One of the hot trends is cold pressed, and many people ask us how the process works,” said Julio Garcia, one of the product managers of Whole Foods.

Garcia represented the helpful workers in the market, as he delved into the difference between cold press and regular juicing. According to Garcia, the process entails going into a room that’s under 45 degrees in temperature while putting the product into a cloth bag. Then, a machine uses more than 25,000 pounds of pressure to squeeze out the product. This process collects a concentrated amount of juice, with no loss of nutrients.

Customers will be impressed by the amount of vegan options in every department, the poke bar and the coffee bar. Eight Bar, a restaurant and bar next to and owned by the grocery store, contains brunch menus as well as wine and cocktail menus.

Other features will certainly excite organic enthusiasts and health buffs. People will find the multiple varieties for cosmetics, food and household products. For a more convenient option, Instacart, a company that delivers groceries to homes, partnered with Whole Foods to promote their venture of delivering fresh foods to Los Angeles residents.

At the heart of it, Whole Foods prides itself on being local and helping small businesses in the area. Additionally, the grocery store always promises fresh and sustainable fruits and vegetables, without preservatives or artificial flavors.

The Whole Foods Market grand opening resembled a carnival. People of all ages and backgrounds will easily be enamored by the high quality. Ultimately, people who do not even subscribe to the organic foods lifestyle will be intrigued by the functionality and flair that Whole Foods presents.