Calling all music lovers: Start Black Friday on a high note

Maggie Lee | Daily Trojan

Maggie Lee | Daily Trojan

Thanksgiving is one of the most wonderful times of the year — and not just because of the delicious taste of homemade traditional food. The ever-popular Black Friday events and sales are always a highlight after a turkey feast with your loved ones. This year, Black Friday falls on Nov. 27, a perfect day for thrifty shopping and sales galore. We all love scavenging for the best clothes, shoes and accessories, but what about some of the most expensive gear for music lovers?

Whether you’re a pro-musician looking for some serious savings on your expensive gadgets or just a music fan looking for some new earphones, there’s a Black Friday sale for everyone.

  1. Guitar Center instruments. For the serious musician, Guitar Center has the perfect deals. For anyone looking for a great new guitar, GC is offering amazing deals on the Mitchell Dreadnought Acoustic with a total savings of $40 at a final price of $89.99. Anyone looking for a new keyboard can head over as well for a Yamaha Portable, available for $69 on Black Friday, saving you $30. For music lovers looking for a more vintage-themed prize, Guitar Center is also pricing their Numark Turntable for $50, saving you $30.
  1. Target’s Beats Headphones. Beats has become one of the most popular brands out on the market for high quality headphones. The only negative to this Dr. Dre-inspired brand is the daunting price on the regular shelves. Black Friday and Target, however, will bring you Beats Solo Headphones in nine colors for $96 (savings of $103).
  1. Best Buy Speakers. Maybe new speakers are what you’re out looking for this Black Friday. Best Buy is offering sweet deals on high quality home speakers, perfect for dorm rooms and apartments. The UE Boom, normally sold for $200, will be available for only $99.99. Walmart will also be selling the famous Beats “Pill” speakers at $149 each, saving you $50.95.
  1. Guitar Center Band Gear. Any band members know amps, mic stands and microphones can be crazy expensive. Black Friday at Guitar Center provides even more sales than those just for instruments. For amplifiers, the usual classic Roland Cube amp is priced at $130 but for Black Friday, it’s selling at $70. Peavy microphone with a stand usually sells at $50, but will be reduced to $30 for the lead singer to belt their heart out. Guitar Center even has savings on usually cheaper items like drumsticks (only $5 ), clip on guitar tuners (now $10) and a harmonica set ($14).

Whether you’re just an amateur on the lookout for new speakers or headphones while the prices are low, or a pro playing the big stages trying to catch a break on the expensive equipment, Black Friday always has the music world on its mind. Use these tips, and may the odds be ever in your favor.