Giving thanks for USC

There's a lot to be thankful for at USC, including our win over UCLA! Flickr/CreativeCommons

There’s a lot to be thankful for at USC, including our win over UCLA! Flickr/CreativeCommons

As Thanksgiving has just passed us by, this is the perfect time to reflect on everything you’re grateful for in your life. USC offers a lot of amenities and resources that are otherwise unavailable in other institutions, and I appreciate many things in this multiple-faceted establishment. At USC, I am thankful for…

Free Uber
Our school invests a lot money into Uber rides that run from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m., seven days a week, and for good reason. As most students don’t live on campus and don’t necessarily own cars, it is now more convenient to get home safely at night. It is also a good method of transportation after you’ve gone out partying, and walking home late at night isn’t a favorable option.

On Campus Dining Options
USC has made an effort to provide healthier food in our dining halls and other hospitality services. Starting with the dining halls, our school has implemented choices for people with special dietary restrictions (gluten-free, vegan, etc.). There are also a variety of restaurants and food trucks scattered across campus that serve a diverse range of food. In addition, the farmer’s market every Wednesday in McCarthy Quad has a lot of fresh products, organic produce and delicious stands to choose from.

The plethora of libraries makes it easy for students to have a variety of choices of where they want to study. Some even have computer labs and private study rooms. You can personalize your workspace in the library by reserving rooms for group collaborations or find a quiet space to work alone. I personally prefer working in Doheny because of the openness it provides in each room, but there are many libraries that have a different set-up to cater to your work preferences.  

Professors and TAs
My professors and TA’s have been an integral part of my education in that they have inspired me to learn about new subjects and influenced my academic interests. These people are helpful resources and knowledgeable in their respective fields of study. They are also passionate about ensuring their students’ success and teaching the material in ways that engage us.

USC has given me a lot to be grateful for, and I hope that you have as much to be thankful for during your time here.