Thanksgiving with my Trojan Family

This Thanksgiving, I chose to stay in Los Angeles instead of going home to Seattle. Though it would have been amazing to see my family and sleep in my own bed for a few days, I felt like I just had to soak up my senior year and experience “College Friendsgiving” for the first and […]

Home for the holidays as a freshman

There is a lot of hype over coming home for the first time as a freshman. Some come back from across the country, excited to finally sleep in their own bed after traveling on two planes, two busses and an Uber. Some just have a quick (or not so quick due to obscene amounts of […]

A Dutch Girl at USC: My first American Thanksgiving

Ever since I started my exchange semester here at USC, I have been super excited to experience a real Thanksgiving with the American branch of my family. After a sketchy Greyhound bus ride to Las Vegas — during which the bus driver and a woman started yelling at each other and security had to escort […]

“Thanksgiving” in London

It’s always weird spending a Thanksgiving away from home. The tradition of spending those few days with family while you stuff your face with turkey is a solidified routine for most Americans, so I really had no idea what to expect spending my first Thanksgiving in another country. Because Thanksgiving doesn’t exist in the U.K., […]

Giving thanks for USC

As Thanksgiving has just passed us by, this is the perfect time to reflect on everything you’re grateful for in your life. USC offers a lot of amenities and resources that are otherwise unavailable in other institutions, and I appreciate many things in this multiple-faceted establishment. At USC, I am thankful for… Free Uber Our […]

Tips for organizing a “Friendsgiving” dinner

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and with the brisk wind and chilly temperatures this past week, things are starting to feel festive. One way to cut through the monotony of the days before break is by organizing a pre-Turkey Day dinner with your friends. Though the thought of cooking up a Thanksgiving feast might […]

12 stages of packing for thanksgiving break

For those staying local for Thanksgiving, packing is as easy as loading up the car. But for students going back East, or other colder climates around the country, packing can become quite the ordeal. At first you are beyond excited for the cold via GIPHY You fantasize about the sweaters, coats, and boots you’ll wear via […]

Thanksgiving recipes warm the heart

Daily Trojan staffers have combined their cooking prowess to bring you four delicious recipes for your very own heart and dorm-warming Thanksgiving feast.

Winter break provides time for self-reflection

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or even Festivus, winter break is always the much-anticipated halfway point of the academic year. If Thanksgiving is considered an appetizer, then winter break is the main course. Reaching this point isn’t an easy feat, so even if you bombed all your finals, all isn’t completely lost. You have […]