Vegan food in LA: Pressed Juicery – Freeze

I chose probably the worst time to go vegan in my entire life – a month into my freshman year at college. I mean, seriously? Did I actually consider the fact that I had to eat out of the on campus dining halls…..? Clearly not, and I quickly realized that living off peanut butter toast […]

Stop trying to make milk sexy

In July, Fergie released the music video to her new track, titled “M.I.L.F.$.” Now, this isn’t the American Pie acronym as we know it — Fergie has redefined M.I.L.F. as “Moms I’d Like To Follow.” Though Fergie claims the message of her song is about “empowering women who do it all,” the music video ironically […]

Alternative band Foals delivers captivating performance

While Oxford is most known for the birthplace of rock legend Radiohead, the city recently gave birth to a fresh, alternative rock band — Foals. The band graced the stage at the Hollywood Palladium Tuesday evening, performing a lively and unforgettable show. With sounds very similar to the Arctic Monkeys, The Wombats and Arcade Fire, […]

LAPD holding man who broke into apartment

A suspect who broke into a student apartment earlier this week is currently being held by LAPD under charges of burglary. At around 5 a.m. on Sept. 26, Josiah Payne, 27, broke into a student apartment on West 27th Street and fled with some belongings, according to the Department of Public Safety. Payne seems to […]