Instagrammable Eats: Brunch at Perch L.A.

As L.A. natives know, Sunday brunch should offer not only good food but a unique atmosphere to sip lattes or mimosas, catch up with friends and forget about our busy lives. Perch, the popular rooftop eatery, allows you to be a spectator of the L.A. skyline while enjoying your food in a charming historic building. […]

Show Me the Coffee: Copa Vida

On the corner of Raymond Avenue and Green Street in Pasadena, Copa Vida is much more than a typical coffeehouse. Rather, it is comprised of coffee and tea lovers with a resolute focus to serve the community. Three qualities exemplify Copa Vida: approachability, transparency and community. These humanistic qualities are not typically found in a […]

5 Best Brunch Spots In L.A.

Nowhere does brunch better than Los Angeles. There are countless brunch spots around the city with delicious food and a great atmosphere. Brunch is the reward we all need for sleeping in and skipping breakfast. There’s nothing better than waking up on a weekend morning and chowing down on a fresh, savory piece of avocado […]

Moroccan Restaurant Reminiscent of Tales of the Arabian Nights

  From the outside, Koutoubia looks just like any other restaurant in the Westwood area. But upon entering the restaurant, the smell of spices and incense replaces the stink of car exhaust. French-Arabic music wafts in the air, giving a mystical ambience missing in most parts of Los Angeles. The unassuming cream walls outside, similar […]

Instagrammable Eats: Stay Healthy & Eat Trendy at By CHLOE

  At the restaurant By CHLOE in Los Angeles, trendy eaters have the chance to grab guilt-free vegan fast food imagined by celebrity chef Chloe Coscarelli. What’s more, its location adjacent to Whole Foods means that it can be as much of a staple in your life as your weekly shopping trip! The restaurant combines […]

With a Twist: The Pros and Cons of Being a Healthy Eater

  My obsession with eating healthy has been a gradual process. When I was younger, I would eat mainly carbs, but as I grew up, I started changing my eating habits by slowly eliminating certain unhealthy foods. I didn’t do this because I tried to lose weight — I just enjoyed eating healthy food and […]

Eat Clean at Wild Living Foods

Los Angeles seems to be a mecca for healthy, clean foods, where everyone is up-to-date on the latest health trends. People will buy anything from cold-pressed juices to Kombucha to zucchini noodles if they see a nutritional benefit. There are countless places around the expansive city to find nutritional vegan or vegetarian meals: Cafe Gratitude, […]

Where to Get Tacos in Los Angeles

  As a Texas native, I am used to eating tacos once or twice a week. At home in Houston, I knew the best small, breakfast taco shops and more upscale lunch and dinner taco spots. Since moving out to Los Angeles for college, I have eaten less tacos. Los Angeles is brimming with eateries […]

Show Me the Coffee: Dinosaur Coffee

Situated in the hipster promise land of Silver Lake, Dinosaur Coffee invites coffee drinkers to stop in for a casual atmosphere with satisfying beverages. The surrounding neighborhood, comprised primarily of trendy millennials, also offers a variety of unique small businesses. Dinosaur Coffee is among one of these independent businesses, which serves as a meeting place […]

Five Valentine’s Day Desserts to Order Online

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. As college students, it’s not always easy to go shopping for a friend or loved one. Especially here at USC, the closest good shopping involves a trip to LA Live or Downtown. Or, maybe you need to show love to somebody you won’t be seeing in person on the 14th. […]