Instagrammable Eats: Brunch at Perch L.A.

Photo from The Rooftop Guide

As L.A. natives know, Sunday brunch should offer not only good food but a unique atmosphere to sip lattes or mimosas, catch up with friends and forget about our busy lives. Perch, the popular rooftop eatery, allows you to be a spectator of the L.A. skyline while enjoying your food in a charming historic building.

Perch is located on Hill Street in Downtown near Pershing Square. The entrance to the restaurant is street level. As soon as you step off the street and into the building, you are thrown back in time. Dark wood paneling and period Charlie Chaplin posters line the hallway, where you call the vintage elevator (and pray it can make it to the top). Then, you are guided up to the roof. This sets the scene for the oasis of a restaurant above the city.

Photo from Zagat


Photo from Zagat


Perch features seating indoors at tables, the bar or couches. Or you can walk onto the patio area and sit outside. It’s often extremely busy, so if you have the forethought, it is recommended that you make a reservation. However, when I went we didn’t have a reservation and we were able to find a seat at the bar.

I ordered the Eggs Benedict, and the others with me tried the Three Egg Omelette and Two Eggs Any Style, which they got fried. Everything was done well, definitely qualifying as a classy and quality meal. Eggs Benedict can be a tricky dish, but I think they nailed the sauce. The bacon was thick and smoky with the fried eggs. Additionally, it’s hard hard to find great breakfast potatoes, but we all agreed these were flavorful and we all could have eaten twice as many!

Photo from Instagram @plant_our_foods

The restaurant was established by Den Haan and Rachel Thomas, entrepreneurs who previously had founded the restaurant Must in Downtown on 5th Street. When they had to close Must, they decided that their next venture would be Perch, the rooftop experience for French cuisine.

Although brunch is a popular meal at Perch, so are dinner and cocktails. Sometimes, the restaurant has live music as well, with groups scheduled throughout the week. The schedule can be found on their website under the calendar tab.

So next time you need a break from campus, I suggest making reservations here with friends, especially for the iconic rooftop experience and photo-ready food. This would also be a great place to go with parents or relatives. You’ll come away refreshed and ready to start the week after a little brunch escape!