Show Me the Coffee: Dinosaur Coffee

Photo from Yelp

Situated in the hipster promise land of Silver Lake, Dinosaur Coffee invites coffee drinkers to stop in for a casual atmosphere with satisfying beverages. The surrounding neighborhood, comprised primarily of trendy millennials, also offers a variety of unique small businesses. Dinosaur Coffee is among one of these independent businesses, which serves as a meeting place for friends.

Whether for a well-deserved break or to finish some work, Dinosaur Coffee provides a welcoming environment. Background music plays above a whisper as baristas race back and forth to fulfill orders. One customer scoffed at the lack of WiFi. However, I relished the opportunity to feel present in my surroundings. As opposed to constantly checking notifications, I appreciated the simplistic space trimmed with wood paneling, third time in a coffee house, and succulents galore. Relying on Yelp suggestions, I ordered an almond milk latte, hot chocolate and sweet baby Jo, the specialty drink. Energetically awaiting three caffeinated beverages, I fulfilled my inner-Lorelai Gilmore dream.

Photo from Yelp

The almond milk latte sadly fell short. Purely aesthetically speaking, I would rate this beverage a 10/10. However, the almond milk seemed to leave a strange aftertaste, which discouraged my dairy sensitivity needs.

The speciality drink, sweet baby Jo, triumphed over any preconceived notions. The espresso shot and condensed milk sang a duet of creamy perfection. This drink is ideal for coffee drinkers that do not care for a bitter aftertaste.

Photo from Yelp

The delightfully warm hot chocolate had an especially soothing effect on a chilly, overcast day. The chocolate’s subtle flavor profile floated in a pool of milky goodness.

Dinosaur Coffee is known for its lightly roasted Four Barrel beans from San Francisco. The smooth and rich taste is proof of the high quality bean.

As I continue to explore coffee houses, I have identified the universality of these spaces. These places provide a warm respite from cumbersome obligations, which plague us all.

May the parking gods smile upon you, the next time you choose to embark on a journey to Dinosaur Coffee.

Rating: 4 stars

Lara Sassounian is a junior majoring in art history. Her column, Show Me the Coffee, runs every other week on Friday.