USG votes to change name of Women’s Student Assembly

Undergraduate Student Government senators voted unanimously to change the name of the Women’s Student Assembly to the Student Assembly for Gender Empowerment at the first USG meeting of the semester Tuesday.

SAGE Assistant Director Maddie Hengst said that the change came about in order for the group to better fulfill its mission statement and  become a better resource for both cisgender and transgender students.

“Our mission statement recognizes that we do not just cater to female-identified students, but also cater to students of all gender identities,” Hengst said. “We also don’t want to alienate any of our constituency by focusing exclusively on women.”

Several senators initially voiced their confusion over the choice of a name change instead of the creation of an entirely new student organization. Sen. Leena Danpour asked why WSA did not choose to remain the same and simply create a new group called SAGE.

“I hope that in the future women wouldn’t feel alienated by our organization or feel inadequately represented by our organization,” Hengst said in response. “I think right now the organization wasn’t appropriately representing our mission statement, so this name change isn’t really changing the purpose of our organization at all — it’s just better reflecting what our mission statement has been and the work we’ve been doing for the past few years.”

Sen. Emily Lee wanted to know if WSA’s name change would expand its functions and encroach on the functions of the Queer and Ally Student Assembly. Sen. Kate Oh said that for the most part, this would not occur.

“Gender identity and sexual orientation identity are different things,” Oh said. “There might be overlap, but there shouldn’t be any encroachment.”

After the vote to change WSA to SAGE passed unanimously, Sen. Tyler Matheson presented his resolution to create a system notifying students of whether or not they are taking any pass-fail courses. The electronic system, which will also notify them of how many pass-fail courses they registered for, aims to provide students with useful information about classes.

Senators will vote on whether or not to pass this resolution at the next USG meeting.

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  1. intheweeds
    intheweeds says:

    Ok, so they are dropping the word women because it makes some women feel excluded because they are not women. What is logic? If people don’t consider themselves women, then maybe the women’s group isn’t for them and why do they care? …unless a lot of women who say they don’t believe they are women don’t actually believe they aren’t women. Why else would you care? If you are a woman, then how do you feel excluded by the word woman? Either shut up or admit you’re just against women organizing in general because none of this makes any sense if you actually believe in gender identity being real.

  2. Yisheng Qingwa
    Yisheng Qingwa says:

    Nice work, sisters… keep catering to males in dresses. See what they ever do for you.

    The trans cult is deranged and misogynist to the core.


      • Benjamin Roberts
        Benjamin Roberts says:

        Correct. It’s like how the “diversity” narrative is really a devious way of getting around saying “white men need not apply”. A classic over-correction by the Left.

        • Yisheng Qingwa
          Yisheng Qingwa says:

          There is nothing more fragile than the male ego. Aggrieved male entitlement is toxic.

          nametheproblem. com

          • Benjamin Roberts
            Benjamin Roberts says:

            There are plenty of things more fragile than the male ego, and apparently truth and science are two examples. Both are being challenged here. There are only two genders: female and male. Gender is not fluid or a state of mind. This is the truth as found in science. This truth does not change with time and social attitudes. This truth should not be sacrificed by a social movement that wishes to normalize a mental illness and promote a lie. The transgender lie should not be promoted at, of all places, a university… Where science and truth should be taught and protected.

            There was nothing wrong with the original name of the Women’s Student Assembly. That name truly empowered women because it celebrated the beautiful and unique differences that women bring to humanity. Every wonderful thing it means to be a woman is diluted and imperiled when gender science is sacrificed.

            Please take a humble breath, and get back to the reason you are in school to begin with.

      • SkepticalMom
        SkepticalMom says:

        By supporting males who identify as women, they are supporting men. All you fellas have to do is declare your identity as women, and you’re in. You don’t need a dress or makeup or hormones or surgery or anything, just a self declaration. You don’t even have to shave your beard. You and Benjamin (below) should do this to prove the point how ridiculous this “identity” crap is. You guys can be the “Danielle Muscato” twins.

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