Eat Vegan at Sage Plant Based Bistro

Sydney Miller | Daily Trojan

As the newest member of the vegan community, I have really tried to suppress my fantasies about cheese. But sometimes you just cannot escape them. With my cheese craving building up for weeks, I had to get my hands on some vegan mac n’ cheese. Lucky for me, I stumbled upon Sage Plant Based Bistro.

Located near Echo Park in Silver Lake, Sage boasts an entirely plant-based menu filled with comfort food classics, only not as bad for you. Sage simply does vegan food right. Often times, vegan food can be too complex and try too hard to overcompensate for the lack of animal product. Sage, however, uses the natural flavors and taste of plant-based foods in a way that doesn’t make you miss the animal products. It does not try to replicate animal-product foods but actually makes you fall in love with plant-based foods.

The restaurant itself has an earthy, hipster vibe, filled with natural wood tables and muted tones. With ground seating and lofted seating, the restaurant maintains an intimate atmosphere, while still managing to seat a fairly large crowd. The menu is extensive, ranging from vegan jackfruit tacos, to creamy pasta dishes, to curries and to orange chicken. All of the options satisfying the craving for unhealthy comfort foods without sacrificing the taste.

With my cheese cravings in full force, I had to order the spicy avocado mac n’ cheese. As a self-proclaimed former cheese connoisseur, I stood firmly in my beliefs that cheese could simply not be recreated sans-dairy. Sage’s vegan mac n’ cheese made me swallow my words. It was just as creamy, flavorful and decadent as traditional mac n’ cheese. The cheesy pasta was served over a blanket of sautéed kale and broccoli, helping me get a good serving of greens. The mac n’ cheese had just the right amount of spice to give it a little bit of a bite, but not overpower the cheesy flavor. With the extensive dessert menu, I simply couldn’t skip a sweet. I ordered a scoop of the “vacation” vegan ice cream, which had a banana base with chocolate swirls, cacao nibs and coconut shavings. Once again, Sage provided all of the creaminess of ice cream, just without the actual cream. I left Sage beyond satisfied and stuffed,but definitely not feeling sick, which would usually happen if I consumed a meal entirely full of cheesy and creamy goodness. If you’re looking for a new place to take your picky vegan friends or are a new vegan, give Sage Plant Based Bistro a try. You will not regret it!