Show Me the Coffee: Philz Coffee

As I continue to search for hidden, caffeinated gems, Philz Coffee emerges above the rest. This coffeehouse is truly the antithesis of typical coffee shop chains. Quality reigns above quantity, a promise that I truly admire but wanted to test for myself.

If you’re in a rush for a quick cup of joe, then this place is not for you. As opposed to other coffee shop chains, baristas attend to each cup individually and make sure the drink is to your liking before moving on to the next customer. This individualized system ensures for a high quality drink that you’re sure to love.

The leather chairs, wooden tables and original art hanging on the walls offer a welcoming atmosphere to meet with friends, or to study in style. The exposed wooden beams, which seem to be a common theme in coffee shops, add to the texture and rustic charm of the space. Upon entering, friendly baristas recommended three popular drinks: Tesora, Mint Mojito Iced Coffee and Jacob’s Wonderbar.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

The tesora is the sweet, yet savory combination of butter, nuts and caramel. I imagine this medium blend to be the caffeinated equivalent to the butter beer in Harry Potter.

By far, the mint mojito iced coffee has been the greatest drink I have tried on my coffee quest yet. Categorized as a “speciality coffee,” the mint mojito simply does not disappoint. This drink can best be described as creamy and sweet, while the mint cleanses the palette and invites you to take another sip. Not to my surprise, many other customers also ordered this drink.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Lastly, the jacob’s wonderbar, which was unfortunate to say the least. This dark blend had a chocolate and clove aftertaste that did not seem to add up for me. The drink seemed unbalanced; however, the barista was quick to adjust the flavors to my liking, which I appreciated.

One cup at a time, Philz Coffee is changing the way a coffeehouse looks and feels. Each cup is personalized to your own specifications. The quality speaks for itself. Your perfect cup of joe awaits.

Overall Grade: A-

Would return for the Mint Mojito and relaxing atmosphere


Lara Sassounian is a junior majoring in art history. Her column, Show Me the Coffee, runs every other week on Friday.