Ten Latinx artists you need to know

This is a design of instruments drawn with a red outline and a yellow shadow, including the accordion, trumpet and maracas.
Alexandra Abrams | Daily Trojan

From fast-paced cumbias to ’90s reggaeton, there is no singular sound that fully encapsulates the array of diversity of the Latinx community. With vibrant choruses and fresh takes, there is a new set of musicians who are taking their place in the music industry. Here are 10 artists whose refreshing works are pushing the societal boundaries of what it means to be a Latinx artist.

Omar Apollo

Known for his laid-back songwriting and soft-focus synths, Omar Apollo emerged from the playlist algorithms with honest singles “Ugotme” and “Brakelights.” Adding his own smooth vocals and funky bass tabs, the Mexican American artist’s evolved sound keeps fans eager for his new projects. Recently signed to Warner Records, Apollo has proved himself as a maximalist creative with the innate ability to produce music. After giving the latest single “Kamikaze” a listen, you will find yourself rooting for him as well.

The Marías

Building a dreamy escape for listeners, The Marías are a must-listen psychedelic indie-pop duo. Puerto Rican lead singer María Zardoya and multi-hyphenate musician Josh Conway have developed a signature sound full of grainy texture and cinematic instrumentation. Incorporating wistful trumpet solos and electric guitar strums, the pair are able to integrate their influences into a cohesive sound. Their latest single “Jupiter” is an encapsulating track filled with dreamy synths and echoey vocals.

La Doña

San Francisco’s Cecilia Cassandra Peña-Govea, otherwise known as La Doña, is taking over. Growing up with a musical family, Peña-Govea cultivated a range of multi-instrumental talents. With rambunctious blends of Caribbean and heavy reggaeton beats, she is now creating songs that amplify her feminist perspective. Her EP, “Algo Nuevo,” is filled with strong lyrics and traditional horns. The Chicana artist continues to incorporate her radical politics into her music, demanding to be listened to. 

Ambar Lucid

The New Jersey transplant has an impressive collection of songs. Producing exciting contemporary music, with touches of experimental pop, the Mexican-Dominican artist does not confine herself to labels. Lucid’s debut album, “Garden of Lucid,” highlights a youthful vocal performance and innovative imagery. The track “Universe” unveils the rhythmic vocals and spacey bilingual lyricism that Lucid has worked tirelessly to curate.

Jasper Bones

The Pasadena native is pav-ing his own path with what he’s coined as “Chicano wavy-soul.” Jasper Bones’ 2017 bilingual single “Oscuridad” earned him a loyal fan base. Under his belt are numerous sold out shows at the historic Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles. Recently, the L.A. native performed a virtual mini-set at “Los Angeles Lindo y Querido: A Tribute to Thee Midniters.” Presented by Tecate, the event celebrated Mexican Independence Day by paying tribute to two integral figures of Mexican American music. 

Boy Pablo

Fronted by 20-year-old Pablo Muñoz, the Norwegian band is a staple to any indie playlist. The 2017 EP “Roy Pablo” featured the viral song “Everytime,” which the YouTube algorithm promoted to the lo-fi bedroom pop fans. With that said, it was only a matter of time for the band to reach indie stardom. The band’s earnest lo-fi bedroom production and catchy guitar riffs creates a welcoming experience for listeners. Boy Pablo’s debut album “Wachito Rico” comes out on October 23, via Norwegian label 777 Music.

Inner Wave

From backyard shows to a post-poned debut Coachella performance, the Inglewood band Inner Wave influenced the L.A. music scene for Latinx youth. The L.A. ensemble is made up of Pablo Sotelo, Jean Pierre Narvaez, Chris Runners, Elijah Trujillo and Luis Portillo. Experimenting with various sounds, the indie-psychedelic band doesn’t stick to any one genre. Their latest EP “wyd” is a play on an experimental blend of electronic funk.

August Eve

August Eve is a bold, stricken vocalist who works in a variety of creative fields. Born and raised in L.A., Eve had been exposed to a variety of contemporary art and music. As an artist on Diplo’s Mad Decent record label, she has sign-ons by major players in the music industry. On the singles, “You Already Know” and “Ghost,” her classic arrangements and smokey vocal tones result in captivating sounds. As a creative director, Eve shines through the gritty film and allures listeners through stunning visuals.

Victor Internet

The Chicago native has built a following with candid songwriting and captivating production. Singles such as “Tinder Song” have resonated with fans, currently reaching over 25 million streams on Spotify. Before headlining his own tours, Victor Internet was the supporting act for artists including Cautious Clay, Still Woozy and most recently, Cuco. With his 2019 debut EP aptly titled “Victor’s Debut,’’ the project showcases musically ambitious tracks that explore the indie artist’s development to come.

Girl Ultra

Mariana de Miguel, who per-forms under the stage name Girl Ultra, is merging her native Mexican background with nostalgic ’90s R&B. The Finesse Records artist sings entirely in Spanish, simultaneously fusing her inf luences into a contemporary sound. In her latest collabo-ration with Madrid-based singer Paula Cendajas, “Ojos Negros,” the rhythmic track showcases a different side to the boundaries of Latin music.