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USC Football Live Scores

The game at a glance:

  • TOUCHDOWN TROJANS, Q1 11:59, Williams. Kick GOOD.
  • TOUCHDOWN TROJANS, Q1 9:05, Lloyd. Kick GOOD.
  • TOUCHDOWN TROJANS, Q1 0:07, Jones. Kick GOOD.
  • TOUCHDOWN TROJANS, Q2 10:42, Williams to Singer. Kick GOOD.
  • Field goal Cardinal, Q2 6:57, Karty.
  • TOUCHDOWN TROJANS, Q2 6:46, Williams to Rice. Kick GOOD.
  • TOUCHDOWN TROJANS, Q2 0:10, Williams to McRee. Kick GOOD.
  • Touchdown Cardinal, Q4 3:35, Lamson. Kick good.
  • TOUCHDOWN TROJANS, Q4 0:58, Moss. Kick GOOD.
10:59 p.m.

The clock runs out and USC’s victory is sealed.

The Trojans beat the Cardinal 56-10, potentially for the last time as both teams are leaving for new conferences next year.

(Bryce Dechert / Daily Trojan)
10:59 p.m.


Miller Moss rushes for a 15-yard touchdown to put the Trojans over the 50-point mark in all of their games this season. USC leads 56-10 with 58 seconds on the clock.

10:53 p.m.

Touchdown Cardinal.

Justin Lamson punches it in for Stanford from the USC 1, bringing the score to 49-10 with 3:35 remaining in the game.

10:31 p.m.

Neither team may ever score again. The USC defense again forces a punt as the Trojans lead 49-3 with 11:03 left in the game.

10:20 p.m.

Eddie Czaplicki punts again. Stanford gets the ball back with 14:10 left in the game.

10:15 p.m.

The third quarter is at an end.

This is the first quarter without a single score; USC’s lead remains at 49-3.

10:12 p.m.

USC defense forces another three-and-out to get the ball back to the Trojan offense. USC, with 464 yards, has doubled Stanford’s 232 yards.

10:07 p.m.

Stanford again holds USC’s second-team offense, forcing a punt from Eddie Czaplicki. The Cardinal will start their drive at the 20-yard line. USC leads 49-3 with 3:29 left in the third quarter.

9:59 p.m.

Calen Bullock gets a pass breakup on fourth down in the endzone to force the turnover on downs. Despite leading 49-3, the Trojan defense is still fighting to keep Stanford out of the endzone.

The Trojans will begin their drive on the USC 4-yard line with 6:57 left in the third quarter.

9:49 p.m.

With USC’s second-team offense in, the Trojans have a three-and-out. Eddie Czaplicki punts and Stanford will have the ball at its own 15-yard line.

9:44 p.m.

USC defense forces a punt on Stanford’s first drive of the second half. The Trojans will have the ball at their own 29-yard line

The score still stands at 49-3 with 13:00 left in the third quarter.

9:28 p.m.

Caleb Williams: 19-for-22, 300 yards, 3 TDs

MarShawn Lloyd: Nine carries, 77 yards, 1 TD

Tahj Washington: Four receptions, 92 yards

Lake McRee: Four receptions, 26 yards, 1 TD

9:17 p.m.

It won’t be a shutout. But USC leads Stanford 49-3 at halftime in a blowout.

Absolute domination by the Trojans so far.

9:17 p.m.


In the closing seconds of the first half, the Trojans put another touchdown on the board. Tight end Lake McRee reeled in the 1-yard score.

USC leads 49-3 with 10 seconds left in the first half.

9:09 p.m.

Stanford fails to cross midfield yet again, the Trojans will take the ball from their own 20-yard line.

The Trojans have outgained the Cardinal by 205 yards so far as they lead 42-3.

9:03 p.m.


Brenden Rice hauls in a 75-yard touchdown pass from Caleb Williams. The reception was Rice’s first of the game.

USC’s overwhelming lead extends to 42-3 with 6:46 remaining in the second quarter.

8:59 p.m.

Field goal Cardinal.

The Cardinal offense, now led by quarterback Justin Lamson, ended its 9-play, 55-yard drive, its longest so far tonight, with a 38-yard field goal.

USC still leads 35-3 with 6:57 left in the second quarter.

8:47 p.m.


Caleb Williams with more magic. He evades the pass-rush, rolls to his right and throws a dart to Dorian Singer for the Trojan touchdown. USC leads 35-0 with 10:42 left in the first half.

This marks Williams’s first passing touchdown of the night, he is 12-for-14 passing with 133 yards.

8:43 p.m.

Despite the Cardinal opening the drive with a 35-yard completion, Jamil Muhammad gets a strip sack as Tackett Curtis recovers the fumble. USC now has the ball at its own 45-yard line.

8:36 p.m.


USC moves Stanford backwards. After a tackle for loss from Solomon Byrd, the Cardinal will punt to the Trojans on 4th-and-15.

Zachariah Branch sprints to the endzone on an electrifying 75-yard punt-return. The Trojans lead Stanford 28-0 with 13:43 remaining in the second quarter.

8:30 p.m.

After a last second touchdown from Austin Jones, the Trojans lead the Cardinal 21-0 at the end of the first quarter.

The USC defense has only allowed 36 yards across three Stanford drives.

(Bryce Dechert / Daily Trojan)
8:24 p.m.


Austin Jones plows in for the 1-yard touchdown on 3rd-and-goal.

The touchdown was Jones’ third of the season as the Trojans lead 21-0 with :07 left in the first quarter.

8:16 p.m.

Calen Bullock drops an interception on third down, forcing fourth down for Stanford. The Trojans will have the ball on their own 7-yard line, still leading 14-0 with 5:01 left in the first quarter

The USC defense has given up 36 yards to Stanford up to this point.

8:11 p.m.

The Cardinal will try to put a drive together from its own 15-yard line following a quick USC three-and out.

Before a third down incompletion, Caleb Williams started out the game 6-for-6.

8:05 p.m.

Trojan defense forces a three-and-out. Caleb Williams and the offense will take over on the USC 33-yard line.

7:59 p.m.


Running back MarShawn Lloyd capitalizes on the turnover by punching into the endzone from 5 yards out. USC leads the Cardinal 14-0 with 9:05 left in the first quarter.

7:56 p.m.

Max Williams intercepts Ashton Daniels on a short pass for a 39-yard return. The USC offense will have the ball at the Stanford 19-yard line after a penalty moves them back 15 yards.

Bear Alexander applied the pressure on Daniels, forcing the errant throw.

7:49 p.m.


Caleb Williams completes the 8-play, 75-yard drive with a 21-yard rushing touchdown. USC leads 7-0 with 11:59 left in the first quarter.

7:43 p.m.

USC won the coin toss and elected to receive the opening kick-off.

7:30 p.m.

Kickoff between the USC Trojans and Stanford Cardinal is a mere 15 minutes away.

This matchup is potentially the last one between these programs for the foreseeable future as USC prepares to leave for the Big Ten and Stanford for the ACC in 2024.

The Trojans lead the all-time series, with their first matchup against the Cardinal in 1905, 64-34-3 (not including USC’s vacated win from the 2005 season).

7:23 p.m.

Amon-Ra St. Brown, days after his 71-yard performance for the Detroit Lions in their 21-20 win over the Kansas City Chiefs, is leading the Trojans out of the tunnel tonight.

6:47 p.m.

Scenes from tailgate.

(Bryce Dechert / Daily Trojan)
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