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NHL shakeup: Cellar-dwellers no longer

Welcome to the humdrum period of professional hockey. It’s February, which means we have watched enough hockey to know which teams are for real, but there is also enough time for teams at the top to slip up and for dark horse teams to gain some momentum and possibly sneak into the playoffs. Meanwhile, we […]

Tom Brady, the last of a dying breed

Tom Brady was not a highly touted recruit coming out of high school. He was taken in the sixth round in the 2000 NFL Draft — 199th overall, to be exact. He has faced adversity and has excelled. With a chip on his shoulder, Brady has shredded nearly every defense in his path during his […]

In anticipation of Borussia Dortmund’s comeback

  German soccer club Borussia Dortmund look to respond after abysmal first half of season How in the world did this even happen? Dortmund, previously one of Europe’s finest clubs, have somehow slipped, fallen, and slipped again in the German Bundesliga. Dortmund managed only 15 points in 17 games during the first half of the […]

Blueprint to beating Oregon

After watching this week’s college football playoff national championship game in which Ohio State defeated Oregon, it became clear to me that a blueprint on how to derail the Oregon juggernaut emerged. This is big news for USC, which plays the Ducks in Eugene next year. What Ohio State did to an Oregon team that […]

The College Football Playoff System: Who’s hot and who’s not?

College football’s quest for a system to determine a worthy champion has been a long one — from the traditional AP national champion to the Bowl Coalition to the BCS, and now, a four-team playoff. The playoff has been an enormous success bringing in more revenue and higher ratings. There is no question the playoff […]