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Friday Night Lights: This Week in USC Football

A short week for the USC Trojans takes them from Stanford to Utah in a six-day stretch. I carried with me all week the disappointment from Saturday’s loss to our bitter rivals in NorCal, but, as always, I welcomed a new game day with open arms. A reflection on last Saturday’s game: As harsh as […]

Troy Talk: USC vs. Stanford Pac-12 Championship grades

I thought I could smell the roses. It has been too long since I have come across that beautiful scent. Looks like Trojan fans will have to wait another year for a Rose Bowl berth, or even something greater. The Trojans finished the regular season at a disappointing 8-5, but it could have been a […]

Troy Talk: USC vs. UCLA grades

The Trojan faithful came back from a week of family and turkey to witness a truly tremendous sight. Legendary guitarist Slash opened up with the national anthem and the largest crowd of the year at 84,000 was ready to take back the Victory Bell. It really never looked good in baby blue anyway. Coach Clay […]

Troy Talk: USC vs. Oregon grades

Who would have thought? The one time we don’t get crushed in the first quarter we get crushed in the game. Maybe we should purposely tank the first quarter. Or maybe we should just win the game. The Trojans came into Eugene with a lot of momentum and left after getting punched in the gut, […]

Troy Talk: USC vs. Colorado grades

Alright guys, this is getting a little bit out of hand. We have been down at the end of the first quarter in all of the last five games. To say that we are coming out of the gates slow is an understatement. But something has to be said about the resiliency the Trojans are […]