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Digging Up the Backissues: Green Arrow Year One

You may be asking yourself: comic books? Seriously? Well, why not? Comic books are the ultimate template for creativity. Movies require millions of dollars, but with comics, you can get intense action, emotive characters and genius stories, all for a cheap cost. Interested now? If you are, think of this post as a comic book […]

The top films you didn’t see in 2009

There have been a lot of good films this past year, from the critically lauded (The Hurt Locker), to the summer blockbusters (Star Trek). But then there were also films you didn’t see. And since the DVDs are out, here’s a list of films for your next trip to Netflix or Blockbuster. Endgame South Africa […]

Put a needle on it

For those of you who’ve been hoarding your parents’ 33 1/3 records since high school, fervidly believing that they will one day regain their worth and merit, you can now rejoice: vinyl has officially made a comeback. According to Nielsen SoundScan, an information system that tracks music and music video product sales throughout the U.S. […]

American Idol Season 9 begins with déjà vu

The first episode of the first season (sans Paula) aired last night and in between laying out pages and sending for finals, I managed to catch a glimpse of the first of several always-infamous audition episodes. Starting with the Boston tryouts, the Idol team (which featured Posh Spice as a pre-Ellen guest judge) sat in […]

Our top songs of 2009

Inspired by Rudy Klappers top 10 albums of 2009 (the entire top 20 is posted online!), I decided to once and for all clean off last year’s musical slate with a best SONGS of 2009. And surprise! None of the songs are on albums from Klapper’s list, so get over to iTunes and check these […]

Welcome to ‘That’s What We Said’

Hello to all the Lifestyle lovers out there! Hope everyone had a wonderful winter break (we did!). But now we’re back in the office and are already working hard to bring you another semester of awesome local and SC-centric arts, entertainment, food and tech coverage. It’s a new year, a new decade and — as […]