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State of Troy Theater – Mrs. Packard and Morning View

This weekend brings USC a total of FOUR productions- I hope you have a clear schedule! We have three SDA productions;  Mrs. Packard, Morning View and The Most Happy Fella,, and an independent student production The Pink House One Acts. Here’s the run-down: Mrs. Packard by Emily Mann is a very dramatic period piece revolving […]

Defiance: MMO/TV concept to fuse worlds, industries

The game Defiance came out on April 2nd. This is noteworthy for a few reasons, despite the lack of reviews. Firstly, it’s a rare massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMO) that one can play not only on a computer, but on standard gaming consoles (except the Wii, of course). Defiance is a third person shooter, […]

Mad Men season 6 premiere captures moral dichotomy

It is the winter of 1967, just months before the My Lai massacre and the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and the characters of AMC’s Mad Men are haunted by death. Sunday’s two hour season six premiere sent audiences right back into the height of the Vietnam War. Don Draper, who during Korea […]

Springing into ‘SC: Worth the Wait

May 1st is approaching quickly. For most of us, that’s probably an irrelevant date. But let’s take a moment and revisit our senior year of high school, when May 1st was more than just another day. In fact, it was the BIG day: The deadline to decide which big letters would adorn our crewneck sweaters […]

Finding Dory: Pixar’s search for revitalisation

When I came across a poster for Finding Dory on Tumblr, I thought it was another wishful photoshop designed to remind Pixar fans of the inexcusable lack of Dory’s presence in the past decade. Many online reactions were disbelieving, given the unfortunate proximity to April Fools’ Day. When its release was confirmed, however, reactions were […]

Tanaya’s Table – Wildcraft Sourdough Pizza

Squash blossoms and ricotta on sourdough, please. Have you ever tried sourdough? You probably have, right? How about pizza with a sourdough crust? If that sounds intriguing to you, you can get your fix at Wildcraft Sourdough Pizza in Culver City. The hip new eatery, which recently opened in downtown Culver City, is a laid-back […]

Springing into ‘SC

Jan. 12, 2013: While everyone else started their second semester of college with their dorm rooms intact, friends by the dozens, and a better understanding of the real world, there I was hauling in my suitcases, clamoring for my hangable high school memorabilia and just starting to figure out how to use the washer/dryer combo […]