Springing into ‘SC

Jan. 12, 2013: While everyone else started their second semester of college with their dorm rooms intact, friends by the dozens, and a better understanding of the real world, there I was hauling in my suitcases, clamoring for my hangable high school memorabilia and just starting to figure out how to use the washer/dryer combo without my mom’s help.

But I wasn’t alone.

I, along with several others, had just arrived at USC. We were the spring admits — students who were accepted to spring of 2013 during regular decisions because of limited space in the fall.

During the semester that we missed, some of us completed units at other colleges, others went abroad, and a few worked. Admittedly, enough Springies frequented USC for tailgates and parties in the fall that the administration could have allowed them to enroll sooner for their own sanity.

But in all seriousness, it’s hard not to feel a little resentment that us Springies couldn’t have come here sooner. Even after several weeks here, I still walk around marveling at the vibrancy of this campus. I still wonder if I’ll beeline to class like everyone else rather than stopping to stare at Bovard or Doheny. We undergo a transitional period while others seemingly have their friends, activities, and academics more set in stone.

It is incredible, however, to see so many Springies immersing themselves into campus culture despite the disadvantage of having missed out on the first semester. Some of the most active members of prominent organizations, Greek life, or clubs on campus are spring admits. From spending hours at dance practice or planning the next big event on campus, these students work so passionately toward their goals that it’s hard to tell that they only arrived on campus a few months ago.

Perhaps, it is this ambitious trait that defines Springies and allows them to thrive at USC. By taking the initiative to make a difference, missing out on the fall semester has been no setback.

But if you’re a Springie, and you haven’t exactly fallen on your feet when jumping into your first semester here, there’s no need to worry. There are still a lot of us seniors, too acclimating to college. So keep in mind that someone in the Trojan Family will always lend you a helping hand — whether it’s to put up dorm room decorations or to put life back together.