Transfers often feel shortchanged

When Stephen Los Baños remembers his USC Welcome Week, he remembers being alone. And it set the tone for his first semester at USC. “The famed Trojan spirit was all around me, but I felt extremely out of place,” said Los Baños, a senior majoring in narrative studies and communication. “Everything seemed to be catered […]

Springing into ‘SC: Worth the Wait

May 1st is approaching quickly. For most of us, that’s probably an irrelevant date. But let’s take a moment and revisit our senior year of high school, when May 1st was more than just another day. In fact, it was the BIG day: The deadline to decide which big letters would adorn our crewneck sweaters […]

Springing into ‘SC

Jan. 12, 2013: While everyone else started their second semester of college with their dorm rooms intact, friends by the dozens, and a better understanding of the real world, there I was hauling in my suitcases, clamoring for my hangable high school memorabilia and just starting to figure out how to use the washer/dryer combo […]