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Springing into ‘SC

Jan. 12, 2013: While everyone else started their second semester of college with their dorm rooms intact, friends by the dozens, and a better understanding of the real world, there I was hauling in my suitcases, clamoring for my hangable high school memorabilia and just starting to figure out how to use the washer/dryer combo […]

Letter to the editor

The detrimental effects of USC Hook-Ups Of course when I came across the USC Hook-Ups Facebook page this evening on my Facebook, I eagerly perused the posts with my roommate and laughed over some of the better-worded sexploits detailed on the page. However, as the evening progressed and more and more updates began to pop up, […]

Should students learn of campus crimes immediately?

Curry College was right in its decision to not inform its students of a gang rape until six days later. The Department of Public Safety at Curry College, a small liberal arts college in Milton, Mass., waited nearly a week to notify students about a group rape of a highly intoxicated college student, according to […]