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“Personhood” measure fails in Mississippi

Voters in Mississippi struck down the controversial “personhood” ballot initiative Nov. 8, which would have effectively banned abortion in all cases including incest and rape, among other forms of birth control. Initiative 26 would have amended the state constitution to define “personhood” at the moment an egg is fertilized, making it illegal to harm or […]

Paterno faces fallout from Penn State scandal

Legendary coach Joe Paterno might be fired in the coming weeks, according to The New York Times. This is the latest news in the Penn State scandal that unfolded this weekend over the alleged sexual assault of boys by former defensive coach Jerry Sandusky. Sandusky is accused of sexually assaulting, on university grounds, young boys […]

Rescue of stranded Everest climbers moves forward

With an improvement in weather conditions Nov. 7, the rescue of  hundreds of trekkers stranded for six days in a town near Mount Everest is finally moving forward in full force. The foreign tourists, along with their Nepalese guides, traveled to Lukla — the starting point for trekkers who wish to scale the world’s largest […]

New estimates show higher number living in poverty

A new supplemental U.S. Census measure estimates that a full 16 percent of Americans are living in poverty, an increase from official reports that put 15.1 percent at poverty level. Forty-nine million Americans struggle to make ends meet under the experimental Supplemental Poverty Measure released Nov. 7, which was designed to better capture the picture […]

Greek Prime Minister to step down if bailout deal approved

Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou announced Sunday evening that he would step down halfway through his four-year term if the 130 million euro bailout plan is passed. Papandreou came to the decision after an evening meeting with Antonis Samaras, who leads the opposing New Democracy party to Papandreou’s PASOK party. The proposed euro bailout deal would consist […]

Ludacris, Lupe Fiasco and Sugarland added to Grammy Nominations show

The Grammy Foundation has announced that three-time Grammy winner Ludacris, Grammy winner Lupe Fiasco and Grammy-winning duo Sugarland are set to perform at “The Grammy Nominations Concert Live!!” LL Cool J will again be the host for the one-hour television special and live performance Nov. 30 at the Nokia Theatre. Five-time Grammy winner Lady Gaga […]

Dodgers to finally go to auction

Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt finally announced Tuesday he would sell the baseball team, months after Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig took control of the team in May. McCourt had been struggling to afford to pay the team’s costs and was locked in a legal battle with ex-wife Jamie McCourt over who had […]

Support for Occupy movements increases among veterans

As of Nov. 1, Oakland police are going under investigation by the Citizens’ Police Review Board regarding the police projectile that fractured the skull of Iraq veteran Scott Olsen during a peaceful protest in Oakland on Oct. 25, according to The Guardian. Initially after the event it was announced that there would not be an […]

Bank of America abandons plan for debit card fee

Bank of America announced Tuesday that it was dropping its plan to install a $5 monthly fee for using its debit cards after a month of outcry from customers. The backlash after BofA said in September it would start charging debit card holders the new fee included pledges to cancel accounts and move to credit […]