From the archives: USC purchases University Village property

Original Date of Publication: Sept. 9, 1999 USC has purchased the University Village shopping center, a move expected to lower the vacancy rate of the center and increase services available to students and the community, university officials said Wednesday. Negotiations began in May and were completed last week, said Mary Hayakawa, director of property sales, […]

From the archives: Vice President speaks on campus

Original Date of Publication: Oct. 16, 1984 Vice President George Bush, speaking Monday from the steps of Doheny Library, characterized Democrats as belonging to a party that wants to limit opportunity and that “says no to hope.” Bush also attacked Democratic presidential candidate Walter Mondale, calling him “wedded to the failures of the past,” and […]

Origins: Editors lay foundation for campus news outlet

Historic American newspapers, such as The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and the Washington Post, have all passed the 100-year mark. As of Sunday, the Daily Trojan joined the club. The first issue of the DT, then called The Daily Southern Californian, was published Sept. 16, 1912, after W.R. “Ralph” La Porte, the […]

Technology: Means of production evolve throughout the years

As the Daily Trojan celebrates its 100-year anniversary, photographers no longer have to manually develop their film, editors don’t have to bike east of the Harbor Freeway to lay out their stories and staff members aren’t tied down writing their stories on manual typewriters in the newsroom. Though technology at the DT has evolved, the […]

Commentary: Campus publications continue to forge paths

For college students, student-run university newspapers and other university publications serve as a constant, always readily available as a source of community information and a snapshot of the campus experience. But student publications, small and large, provide more than just a slate of stories: They offer students a place to learn professional skills while serving […]

From the archives: Trojan Olympians play Conquest during Games

 Original Date of Publication: Aug. 28, 1984 After every medal, milestone and memory had been sufficiently recounted from this summer’s Olympic Games, another special group of athletes that went virtually unnoticed also brought home the gold to its loyal followers. This diverse team, comprised from such athletic powers as the United States and West Germany, […]