Letter from the Editor

From the first time students step on the USC campus, they hear about the Trojan Family. They are welcomed into it, told of its legacy and embraced by its rich tradition. This can seem daunting, intangible, mythical, even far-fetched. But I can promise you that whether you are the first in your family to attend […]

With the rise of USC Village comes a community left in limbo

When the University announced the construction of the USC Village in 2011, it made no shortage of promises. These promises included a range of student housing options to help address skyrocketing rents in the community, the creation of thousands of jobs for South Los Angeles residents and “a wide range of high-quality, affordable retail,” according […]

A Trojan Family: 125 years in the making

When 40,000 people are tied together by their scholarship and ambition on a single college campus, it’s not long before USC students realized they’re part of something bigger. It’s a natural part of everyone’s matriculation on campus — when admitted, students are assured that they’ll soon join the ranks of illustrious alumni like George Lucas […]

Thrown into the spotlight, Traveler bears a storied history

USC was at a standstill. “Tirebiter is dead!” read the Daily Trojan’s front page headline on September 20, 1950. It was only three years after the beloved canine was crowned USC’s official mascot. For eight days, students questioned George Tirebiter’s legacy. After a contentious 800-518 vote by the student body, a puppy named George Tirebiter […]

A Trojan to the third degree

Tall and willowy, striking blue eyes, blonde hair cut in a sleek bob: Trisha Tucker looks as if she could be an actress on the silver screen. But instead, she wrote about them  — for a little while, anyway. “I worked at the Hollywood Reporter, and that was the most fun job I think you […]

Untold history: How Rufus von KleinSmid supported the eugenics movement at USC

The Von KleinSmid Center for International Relations stands tall with its distinct globed tower high above campus. Under the structure’s grand arches, more than 100 international flags drape over its walkways, representing the home countries of international students at the University. The image of the building — emblematic of the University itself — is one […]