Editorial Board: USG must uphold non-partisan policy

This week, and for the first time all semester, a resolution failed when brought to a vote on the Undergraduate Student Government Senate floor. The rejection of the resolution, which if passed would have added an external advocacy director position to USG, sent a clear and resounding message: Partisanship has no place in USG. But, […]

USG Senate candidates deserve debate

Senators are expected to act as activists on behalf of students. But how can students feel confident in their choice of advocates if they have never seen the candidates operate in roles similar to the senate environment?

Editorial Board: Women’s March celebrates progress

"While USC has a long way to go to fully protect survivors’ rights and address the epidemic of campus assault — the University is still the subject of a national Title IX investigation — in the past year alone, it has made crucial progress, in no small part due to a renaissance of activism on the issue spanning back to 2013."

Topping scholars deserve to be heard. It’s time for USC to listen.

"In eliminating the position, which was held by Christina Yokoyama for 11 years, USC is depriving future generations of Topping Scholars the same support system that has been provided for hundreds of scholars in the past. In addition, removing the position may hinder the program’s ability to work as a fully functioning help center for new scholars."