Daily Trojan Editorial Board: USC makes progress on sexual assault

On Monday, Vice President for Student Affairs Ainsley Carry sent out an email memorandum reminding students of their rights and resources regarding campus sexual misconduct. But Carry’s email went beyond reviewing disciplinary policy around sexual violence, and emphasized that every Trojan can and must help prevent cases of sexual assault through bystander intervention. The memo […]

Letter from the Editor

There’s a sense of doomsday in the air. It isn’t just discouraged — it’s near-apocalyptic. Rapid fires blazed up and down California last week, engulfing Napa and Sonoma counties in the north and Orange County just an hour away from campus. We’re expecting The Big Earthquake any day now. A campus shooting scare marked the […]

USC must engage in political discourse

On Monday, USC President C. L. Max Nikias released a letter to the student body declaring his support for undocumented students and the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Act, a policy established by former President Barack Obama to protect undocumented children that President Donald Trump has recently announced he will rescind. “As president of one […]

OPINION: USC Village must fulfill its obligations to the outside community

Saturday marked USC Village’s grand opening to the public, and in addition to the new businesses, customers and students that the 15-acre retail and residential complex has drawn, it has also sparked heated debate. Last week, The New York Times praised USC for reenergizing a “neglected” community and creating thousands of jobs in an area […]