Letter to the Editor: USC is not meaningfully addressing sustainability

The first step in solving a problem is acknowledging there is one. That is why at the end of last semester, we, the Environmental Student Assembly and the USC Environmental Core, authored a letter to President Carol Folt asking for public disclosure of the University’s endowment investments into the energy sector, and in particular, fossil […]

Letter to the Editor: What is college for?

In many ways, this article is a letter to our fellow students. College-bound students can seem like zombies wandering aimlessly into universities without questioning why. For many students, getting to college is only the first step in a journey of exploration — joining a club, making new friends or finding one’s passion. These years are […]

Letter to the Editor: School of International Relations merges with Dept. of Political Science

Your Sept. 17 article on the merging of the School of International Relations with the Department of Political Science describes “strong support of the majority of the faculty” and hopes for “more resources” for students.  In fact, SIR faculty was not strongly supportive of the merger. Many had serious reservations given SIR’s tradition of rich […]