Sanctions won’t kill Trojans financially

Follow the money. That was the directive given by the mysterious Deep Throat to Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward in the film version of All the President’s Men, the account of how two journalists uncovered one of our nation’s most infamous political scandals. Although the recent NCAA sanctions on USC athletics pale in comparison to […]

2010: Year of the Freshmen

There are more labels being put on the year 2010 than colors in Dennis Rodman’s hair. According to the Chinese calendar, 2010 is the Year of the Tiger (apparently Mr. Woods didn’t get that message). The Christian Science Monitor says 2010 is the year of the global insurrection (whatever that means). In 1984, Hollywood made […]

Feverish loyalty should be rewarded

Let’s be honest; there hasn’t been a busier man in Southern California over the past month than new Athletic Director Pat Haden. For a man thrust into the responsibility of reinvigorating a program that has lost some of its prestige and luster the past year, the former Rhodes Scholar has taken the bull by the […]

With Kiffin comes culture change

Lane Kiffin stood there with his arms crossed, surrounded by the typical frenzy of reporters, his face serious, his answers succinct. It was early August. The first official practice of training camp had just been completed. The new USC coach spoke in a business-like tone to a handful of reporters. A smile didn’t dare threaten […]

Long term hopes not dashed by sanctions

Hey, Trojan fans — do you remember where you were when you found out that your favorite football team would be banned from the postseason for the next two years? It happened around mid-day on June 10. Midwesterners and West Coasters, you probably found out right around lunchtime on that Thursday from — well, you […]

Previous era bred rule-breaking atmosphere

Over the last 15 years or so, USC could be thought of as a growing empire. Academic standards exponentially rose, campus expanded and some of the most highly sophisticated buildings found on any college campus were built. Athletics were, without a doubt, the center of this empire, holding all the components in place. With revenue […]

It seems like time for the Buss to board — Jerry Buss

In a town where misguided terms like celebrity and fame get thrown around about as often as a new stadium proposal is sent to the NFL, it’s not surprising that Los Angeles’ most successful living sports figure has been largely overlooked by a society more enthralled with activity than achievement. Yet, if you were to […]

Far-reaching problems with NCAA

After sitting atop the college football world for as long as I can remember, the NCAA Infractions Committee finally laid down the gauntlet on the USC athletics program. It was like waiting for former Heisman-winning running back Reggie Bush to score a touchdown — you knew it was coming but you weren’t sure when it […]

Six steps for recovering USC sanction victims

Victim. A noun defined as one who is subjected to oppression or mistreatment. However, it can also mean one that is tricked or duped. Yes, that pretty much sums up how USC’s student body feels in the wake of a devastating blow, that even months of waiting couldn’t have prepared us for. The numbers resulting […]

Mustain still waiting in the wings for his turn

Oh, the joy of living in Los Angeles. From the glitz and glamour to the A-list celebrities to the high-profile athletes, there is nothing better than Hollywood, right? The Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Dodgers are good enough for this town, and so are the USC Trojans — you might as well call them […]